Coming To Terms - The Sinner
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Cora readies herself for a plea. Guilty. The judge doesn't understand her choices and demands a 730 exam, an evaluation of fitness to stand trial.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Ambrose had called to make his case beforehand.

Mason finds a girl named Kaitlyn he knew before who works at court. He wonders if she can say anything about what she heard. No.

When Ambrose suggests doing things differently could get Cora her life back, she wonders why he thinks she'd want her life back.

She recalls her childhood when her mother babied her sister and her father complained, wanting to get his bed back, but sleeping in the children's room with Cora.

Frankie's girlfriend recalls him talking about a girl from his past with whom he had an intense connection. There was something wrong with her and there was a resulting accident that changed him forever.

Mason discovers people are afraid of him because of what Cora did.

He remembers meeting her at a restaurant where she was working.

Harry has a counseling session with his wife.

Women praying in the jail sends Cora back to her childhood when prayer groups were standing around Phoebe. It didn't seem she had anyone but her Aunt Margaret to care about her happiness, and even a candy bar was something to hide away.

Once Ambrose calls Cora out on letting her family suffer for what she did, she tells him about meeting Frankie.

She had a one night stand with a dude named JD. She got pregnant. A Catholic girl doesn't do that. She decided she wanted to die and stepped out in front of a car. Her baby died but she survived.

Except the story doesn't hold water.

Cora recalls her mother finding her outside praying. She'd been out there for hours when Phoebe reminded her she was out there. Mommie Dearest took out her scarf of goodies to say one bite of chocolate could have killed Phoebe.

Ambrose goes to the hooker's restaurant to tell her no more money sex, but she's not taking it well. Ambrose continues his investigation into Frankie's past as JD. He is continually finding dead ends.

Not only was JD on a different coast at the time Cora claimed he got her pregnant, Ambrose also discovers Cora was never in the hospital as she claimed, and both of her parents are still alive and well.

When her mother forced her to apologize about eating the chocolate from Aunt Margaret, she ran out into the yard, dug it up and ate it.

Ambrose wants to know why Cora is lying to him. He refuses to believe she has no idea why she didn't kill Frankie. He wants an answer and he wants her to give it to him.

To push her along, he plays the music while questioning her. She gets very aggravated. She recalls some sort of sick questionable act and that damned bedspread.

She can't name that tune, but she leaps from the chair, screaming that she's going to kill Ambrose before officers come in and pull her off of him.

Mason wants to learn about JD, who is a real person with a truck. He knows him and wants to understand how he might intersect with Cora.

Ambrose realizes he has the same wounds from punches that Frankie had from the knife. The song triggers something in Cora she's not even aware of.

In jail, Cora lays upon her matressless bed. If I were the others, I'd be scared shitless of her.

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I met Frankie on July 3rd. It was five years ago.


What kind of a god kills your baby but lets you survive?