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A very disheveled looking Jamie is in the bathroom of the school where he teaches, filling his vape pen with marijuana. He gets the red out of his eyes and faces the school.

On the way to class, he's asked to chaperone the LGBTQ+ dance.

One of his students needs a recommendation letter for Brown. He thinks she should write it herself. All sorts of amazing things about herself, he'll look it over, and he'll sign it. He thinks it will be good for her.

Ambrose is in the fictional town of Dorchester police station. A friend is retiring. He wanted to tell Harry first. He gave HR his name as another who could retire. He needs a golf partner.

Bill has sciatica. It comes and goes, but it's getting better. Stress, the other dude says.

Jamie is on the train heading back to Dorchester. It looks like no train I took while living outside the city.

Harry is at the station, too, greeting his daughter and grandson. They're in for a visit.

Harry lives in a lovely stone house in the middle of nowhere. It used to be an old army barracks that is over 100 years old.

His daughter is surprised it's so isolated. Abutting the property is a state park. He's in his element.

She worries that he'll get into trouble and won't be able to get help.

His grandson is Eli. Eli's dad is named Andy who barely checks in and lives in London.

Jamie is grilling chicken while his wife chats at him from inside the house. He considers putting his hand on the grill. The dude has issues.

His wife, Leela, is pregnant. She checks in with him for commuter train news.

The doorbell rings. When Jamie opens the door, he's taken aback to see his old friend Nick at the door.

Jamie told him not to come here. He's seriously Get the hell out of her. Nick says he doesn't get to tell him what to do. Do you hear him? Not this time.

Leela comes to the door. Jamie says they went to college together. Nick is surprised that Jamie's going to be a father.

Leela is due in like a week. Nick is disconcerting.

Leela reluctantly invites him in for dinner, much to Jamie's dismay.

Nick ascertains that Leela didn't want a baby yet with her career doing do well. He suggests it was Jamie who wanted the house in the burbs and the baby because he's grasping at straws.

Nick does private equity. His conversation is very offputting.

Nearby at Ambrose's house, the phone is ringing. He's got to go to an accident. He wakes Melanie to tell her and apologizes for leaving them in the middle of the woods alone. She's displeased.

The passenger called in the accident. There was an open container in the car. Only one residence on the road. It's curious to Ambrose.

The driver is Nick.

Jamie is at the hospital remembering what happened, the drive down the road as they were jostled down the road.

Leela arrives at the hospital. They wouldn't tell her if he was OK so the whole way to the hospital she thought he was dead.

The medical examiner's office calls Ambrose. They still have some of his father's stuff. He doesn't want it. But they offer to ship it to him from Michigan, so he accepts.

Jamie is at the station. In the conference room, he keeps looking at his hands, which are shaking.

Ambrose tells him that the open alcohol container means they have to file a report for insurance companies.

Jamie tells Ambrose that Nick was sober. They were lost because Nick wanted to see the lookout point on Madasackett and they got lost.

Ambrose gets ornery while asking questions about the situation. It allows Jamie to launch into the details of the accident. He's barely able to speak.

Jamie is surprised that Ambrose saw Nick at the accident scene.

Everything is different, Jamie says, and the conversation gets even weirder.

Ambrose goes to see Sonya, the woman who owns the property on which Nick and Jamie were found.

When Ambrose asks if she knew or recognized the men, she hesitates. Since her property is 60 acres, he keeps picking at her to see if she cracks. She ultimately asks if the men were armed.

At Leela's little store, Jamie is helping when he imagines seeing Nick across the street staring him down.

Jamie has a bandage on his hand, which he imagines is hurting and bleeding profusely. Except he doesn't have a bandage on his hand. He excuses himself.

Nick is on the autopsy table. He died of internal hemorrhaging even though he also sustained a couple blows to the head.

If the medics had arrived sooner, he would have made it.

Nick had a knife wound or other kind of puncture on his hand which happened at least three days before the accident.

The fella at the impound with Ambrose doesn't understand why he keeps digging. There's no crime, right?

They notice the parking brake is up which probably happened pre-crash.

There are bloody fingerprints on the car. There is a print inside the car, and the other guy wonders why Jamie would be worried about music after a crash like that.

Jamie is running and recalling the accident. Nick was speaking to him while inside of the window.

Ambrose makes the call. Now it's a possible crime. He gets forensics to the scene. Jamie drives by, and Sonya just looks at him. He then backs up and out.

Ambrose sits on Eli's book and uses it as an excuse to try to visit Melanie. She doesn't accept saying Eli is sick. Yes, he'll get a tracking number.

Ambrose goes to Jamie's house. He meets Leela. He's checking on Jamie to see how he's doing, he says.

He wonders if she knows anything about Nick's next of kin. Nope, she just met him.

She probably doesn't know if Jamie saw Nick before that night, then, he suggests.

She recalls that night. Jamie never talked about Nick. And Nick wonders how she would react if he told her what he and Jamie used to get up to.

Jamie lays into Nick when she leaves the room with a dark whisper that she now recalls as Ambrose drives away.

Nick had a blackberry, which was found in the woods near the accident. The other cop says his old friend said they were easier to encrypt.

There is one of those folded paper finger games in Nick's hotel room.

Leela tells Jamie that Ambrose came by, and as she talks about him, Jamie imagines Nick coming into the house, grabbing a knife and slicing Leela's throat. He's totally losing it.

Ambrose is watching a video of Sonya's online. She's talking about men's vulnerability. That's what she looks for. The intimacy that comes when a man is truly exposed because, culturally, we are not used to seeing that. Ever.

Ambrose uses the cell records to question why Jamie waited so long to make the 9-1-1 call. There's no proof of ill-intent. But Harry thinks there is something sinister about why they were on Sonya's property.

The state of the phone when it was found piques Ambrose's interest. If it was still holding a charge, then it must have been turned off. Dust it for prints!!

Jamie is massaging Leela's feet. She questions the relationship he shared with Nick.

They were inseparable for a year, he says. When she wonders why he never mentioned Nick, he says he had to cut him off. He's self-destructive and troubled.

But Leela saw an energy between them. Jamie says Nick had wanted to see him, but Jamie kept putting him off because once Nick got a piece of you, he wouldn't let go.

Jamie admits he and Nick tried "it" once in college, but it didn't work for either of them. She finds it really hot, and they launch into sex.

There weren't any prints on the cell phone. It was wiped clean. Jamie's hiding something.

Right now, Jamie is splashing water on his face and staring into the mirror remembering the night again.

Nick says that once they get there, the less Jamie speaks, the better. Nick doesn't want to do it. Too bad. Just watch me and follow, Nick says. Jamie says he's fuckin' crazy. No such thing, apparently, was something Jamie said in the past. Nick wants out, or he's going to jump. Nick speeds up the car, so Jamie grabs the parking brake causing the accident.

When Jamie comes to, he finds Nick in the windshield and on the hood of the car.

Nick looks back at his wounds. It's OK, he says. It's alright. He gives Jamie his phone to call 9-1-1. But Jamie doesn't take it. Instead, he picks it up and looks at it, turning it off. What are you doing, Nick wonders? They look at each other with understanding. OK, Nick says. Jamie kneels on the ground before him and waits.


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The Sinner Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

It's weird. Everything looks different now. Like my house, I know it's my house, but it's not ... quite. My hands. They don't seem like my hands.


Ambrose: And the driver?
Officer: We're gonna need hydraulics to get him out. Idiot wasn't wearing his seatbelt.