King of the Ranch - The Son Season 1 Episode 2
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Young Eli is being chased by a Comanche who knocks him off his feet.

At the Ranch, they are building an oil well rig which the bandits tried to mess up as well.

Jeannie visits Mr. Sullivan who is watching out for bandits and has the bandit from the night before tied up.

Young Eli is tied up and being readied to be burned alive by the Indians. The fire is set and Eli tries to keep his feet away from the fire.

Toshaway watches and then tells the young Indians to stop and he puts out the fire, saving young Eli's life. Eli is cut down but beaten up by the young Comanches.

Cesar is the one tied up in the McCullough shed. Eli and Pete are there and Eli starts beating him for destroying the oil rig.

Maria is at the sheriff's asking about her brother in law but he isn't too concerned. She wants him to speak to Eli.

Eli continues his interrogation of Cesar who still isn't answering. He wants to know where the seditionists are hitting next. Pete interrupts. He wants to talk with his father outside and wants to know where they're going to hit next.

The sheriff shows up asking about Cesar. Eli isn't talking. Neither is Pete. The Sheriff is running for office and Eli offers him money for his campaign.

Young Eli is digging for a garden. Meanwhile, the Indian girls are talking about him.  When he pays more attention to them instead of his job, they beat him with a stick. It's nighttime and Eli is watching the Indian make a fire. He cries himself to sleep.

Maria goes to her father about Cesar but Pedro isn't very concerned. Maria accuses Pedro of knowing what Cesar was going to do. Apparently, Pedro does sympathize with the seditionists.

Back in the cabin, Pete lets down Cesar. Pete tries to talk to him to find out information but Cesar doesn't tell him what he wants to know.

Sally visits with Phineas and tells him she wishes they could move away from the ranch where it's safer. She tells Phineas to figure out a way to get the family out of there.

Pedro meets with Eli in the middle of the woods to talk about Cesar. Pedro wants peace. Eli doesn't agree to Pedro's terms. Eli also doesn't tell Pedro that Cesar is still alive.

Jeannie tells her dad that she's never getting married and that if any suitors come around her she'll shoot them. Pete brings food to Cesar. Cesar shares a little bit about his life. 

Maria talks to her younger sister about Cesar. Back in the cabin Pete tries to convince Cesar to cooperate but he's not. Cesar tells him that Mexico wants Texas back and they will win.

Phineas tells Eli they need to go to Austin to meet with a banker. 

Eli asks Pete if he found out anything. Pete says no and Eli cuts off his ear trying to find out who blew up the rig. Cesar tells him. Eli wants to know where whey are going to hit next but Cesar doesn't know so Eli lets him go.

At the Indian reservation, young Eli continues to dig for a garden. He's watching the young Indian men when one of the women come over and beat him again. At night Eli leaves his teepee. Toshaway stops him and tells him he'll die out there if he escapes. Eli tells him he's beaten everyday by the women.

Toshaway tells him a story about a coyote.

At the cabin, Pete yells at Eli for what he did to Cesar. Pete tries to convince Eli not to kill Cesar. Eli wants Pete to kill Cesar after telling him that maybe Cesar will blow up Jeannie's school or Sally's home.

The women continue to beat Eli. Finally Eli stands up and hits the woman in the face. They begin fighting. Toshaway watches. he goes to sit by the young Indians and one offers him his pipe to smoke. Young Eli finally stood up for himself and became part of the group.

The woman Eli beat up goes to his teepee and seduces him.

Pete is reading Jeannie a bedtime story then sits and has a drink contemplating his next move. He goes out to the cabin and takes Cesar out. Jeannie hears something and goes to the porch. She sees her father taking Cesar away in the car.

Pete takes Cesar to the river to let him go and tells him not to show his face again. Cesar finds it  hard to believe Pete is just going to let him go but Pete cuts the ties off and Cesar fights Pete and tries to kill him. Pete ends up killing him with the knife then digs a grave and buries him.




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The Son Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The fact is you can't win anything around here without the Mexican vote.

The Sheriff

There are consequences for a man's decisions no matter what his last name is.