Phineas Contemplates - The Son Season 1 Episode 9
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In 1850, young Eli wakes up at the bottom of the cliff where Charges the Enemy pushed him. He's injured. He starts walking back towards camp. He comes across another camp where a woman finds him and points a gun at him. It's a one-woman camp. She tends to his ankle and makes it feel better. Maggie Phelps is a settler on her own. She's a little off her rocker. They talk about their families and why they're alone. She's going to help him find his father. He's not interested in finding him. 

He wants to leave, but she won't let him go find the Comanches. She calls them Lamonites and says those aren't people.

Pete and Maria are resting together on a blanket under a tree. He still wears his wedding ring as he kisses her. 

Eli and Phineas arrive back at the ranch. Inside he tells Phineas he knows who shot him. He thinks his being shot was a sign, that he's being warned. He doesn't want to go through with the plan of taking Pedro's land.  They have a huge disagreement about how to proceed. Phineas tells him they'll lose the ranch if they call it off and Eli is okay with it.

Back in 1850, Maggie is singing by the fire. Eli leaves the tent and watches Maggie stuff her face in a tall hat with stones in it. She calls it an "instrument of revelation." She asks if he wants her to tell his fortune. he agrees. She tells him he's going to be a great warrior and everyone will know his name. She tells him he's going to have three sons and will be prosperous. The youngest will be his favorite.

Pete comes back to the ranch. Phineas greets him. Phineas updates Pete on Eli's condition. He wants to know why Pete didn't pick up his phone. They talk about Sally. Pete doesn't see it as a "rough patch." Eli enters the room before they have a chance to continue the conversation. 

On the porch, Eli tells a story about getting attacked by a lion. He calls it a sign. Eli says they are going to sell the ranch once it's fixed up. Phineas is not happy. Eli talks about his plans and what Pete should do.

Pedro asks Maria about the new horse. He tells her a story about Eli and his boys killing Mexicans. She warns him about Pete.

Back at the camp, Maggie tells Eli they are going to ride into town in the morning. He wants to leave to find the tribe. She won't have any of it. He tries to convince her and she agrees but while he's asleep she makes some sort of potion she puts on a cloth and forces it on his nose. It knocks him out.

There's a poker game happening at Niles' bar. They discuss the Mexicans. The Sheriff is there. Lewis won the hand. He's upset that the Mexicans are overrunning them.

Pete is talking to Jeannie about packing up her dollhouse to send to Austin. She doesn't want him to touch the dollhouse. She's frantic about it. All she wants is her books. He tells her he'll bring them himself.

Eli tells Pete he's taking a ride on the horse. He wants to go alone. Pete is concerned as he's not supposed to be riding with the stitches.

Eli finds a place and starts a fire. He performs some sort of ceremony. He heads back to the ranch and sees there's a fire somewhere in town.

Pete is packing up Jeannie's books. He looks over at teh dollhouse and something catches his eye.

Eli went into town and sees that Niles' bar is burning.

Maggie has young Eli in the back of a wagon. They are headed to town to find his father. He's tied up but he works the rope to try to escape. She tells him its going to take two days to get to town. he gets her to stop and he knocks her out but she gets up rather quickly. He takes her horse and the rifle and starts to leave. She's worried about dying because he's going to leave her. She finishes telling him the prophecy about his sons which turn out to be true. His oldest will die as a child. His middle will betray him. He will do something horrible that will turn his youngest/favorite against him. She curses him as he rides off. 

Phineas rides back into town. Eli confronts him for burning down the saloon. 

They go inside to see Pete sitting on the stairs with the bottle of oil Jeannie hid in the dollhouse. Eli tells him what's up and what they are planning. He's not happy. Eli chases after Pete and when Pete doesn't stop Eli shoots at him.

Pete takes off for the Garcia ranch. Eli can't put a bullet in him. Eli and Phineas prepare for war.





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I've hurt a lot of people, Maria.


God knows my specialness even if some of his lesser creatures do not.