The Taste Season 2

"The Finale"

The remaining chefs must put together a breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the season 2 finale of The Taste.

"Good With Beer"

The six remaining chefs must create a meal with beer on The Taste.

"The Sweetest Thing"

Chef Christina Tosi is a guest judge as the remaining contestants must come up with unique desserts on The Taste.

"Go Green"

The remaining nine chefs face a vegetarian challenge and one contestant mysterious leaves the competition on The Taste.

"Street Food"

The last 12 contestants must make a dish using street food such as sandwiches and fish and chips on The Taste.

"Guilty Pleasures"

The 14 aspiring chefs prepare to make their mentors favorite guilty pleasure dishes on The Taste.

"My Life on a Plate"

The chef's compete in a blind taste test on the latest episode of The Taste.

"The Auditions"

It's the Season 2 premiere of The Taste. On this episode, cooks audition for the final 16 spots.

The Taste
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