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The winner will not only receive a cash prize, but also their own cooking series on ABC.com. The theme this week is "Saints and Sinners," and the chefs will be preparing two different bites of food.

The guest mentor is Jonathan Waxman. Each cook will put up a spoon for the team challenge. For the last mentoring session, the mentors help their cooks come up with ideas for this theme.

Eric's sinner dish includes Kobe beef and bone marrow. For Jen's saints dish, she makes chicken with truffle butter. Jen is the only home cook left in the competition.

Ben's sinner dish is a fried chicken sandwich with candied bacon. Jen accidentally over salts her sausage gravy. Gabe's sinner dish is duck breast with foie gras. Jen hurts herself in the kitchen... again.

The cooks have a live audience this week, including the other contestants from this season and their families. Jonathan Waxman tastes everyone's dishes, some of which lack basic seasonings of salt and pepper.

The best taste from the first round comes from Gabe Kennedy, and no one is surprised! The worst taste comes from the last home cook, Jen Royle.

For the next round, the challenge is "Surf and Turf." All of these dishes are decadent and include special ingredients like uni and caviar.

Gold stars are awarded to both Tristen and Gabe, both from Team Marcus. The cook eliminated in the second round is Eric, the last member of Team Anthony.

The final round is "Three Perfect Courses" and it's down to Tristen, Gabe, and Benjamin.

Tristen may have placed third, but he was immediately offered a job by Marcus Samuelsson.

So who won Season 3 of The Taste?

You guessed it. It was the cook who set a record for the most gold stars -- Gabe Kennedy!


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The Taste Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

It's not how you start. It's how you finish.


I'm gonna make a sauce that is just so freaking obscene, that we will go to hell.