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The theme this week is "Bring the Heat," and the guest judge and mentor is Andy Ricker.

Ludo assigns his team a szechuan pepper dish. Anthony assigns his team a spicy bowl. Marcus assigns his cooks a spicy pork dish.

Jen is worried because she doesn't like to eat spicy food.

The chefs take their teams to eat spicy food and talk about ways to balance the flavors in their own food. Marcus asks about Gabe's inspiration. It comes from hardship in his family, and Marcus says he can relate.

Marcus says Gabe and Tristen make a great team.

Jen cuts herself again. Meanwhile, Ludo and Anthony are getting more competitive.

For the team challenge, the best bite comes from Team Marcus, with Tristen's dish. The worst bite comes from team Anthony, which shocks everyone.

When everyone is asked who should go home, Vanessa jumps in to defend herself. She uses the same argument to stay that Anthony used to get her on his team.

Anthony sends home Tarik instead of Vanessa because Vanessa had suggestions that could have helped the dish.

Ben says that the wrong cook went home tonight. It seems everyone agrees that Vanessa shouldn't have stayed. Eric is especially angry, and says he is going to take everyone down.

Everyone cooks for the individual challenge, but there are plenty of mishaps as they work under the pressure.

Eric's chile relleno doesn't impress the judges. Gabe's dish is called "greasy, dirty, spicy" and "not too refined." Anthony raves about it.

Vanessa's dish is Pho with beef brisket meatball, an attempt to make Anthony's favorite food. The judges don't think it is spicy enough.

Tristen tries to be positive while Vanessa is feeling concerned and emotional.

Gold stars are awarded to Gabe, Tristen, and Ben. Gabe has lots of gold stars at this point.

Red stars go to Jen, Eric, and Vanessa

Jen proudly raises her hand and says she can handle a taste off.

The two cooks in the taste off this week are: Eric and Vanessa

Anthony says he doesn't want any part in the coaching because he doesn't have a favorite. The key ingredient they will work with is chicken.

The remaining contestants offer advice to Eric and Vanessa as they cook, which makes for an odd taste off challenge.

The cook who is sent home from the taste off is Vanessa.

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Why are you doing this to me?!


Oh yeah, that's exactly that zone of pain that I'm looking for.