Protecting Her Family - The Undoing
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The scene in the bedroom is quite taught. Henry found the sledgehammer as the outdoor fireplace. He didn't tell her because "he killed her," and he didn't want him to get caught.

Grace can hardly believe it's her life, a sense I only get from the look on her face. Of course, Jonathan blames Alvez by suggesting Elena's husband must have followed him and Elena, who conveniently used Franklin's family house for their affair.

Henry tells Jonathan that it's not his salvation because he ran it through the dishwasher twice. Haley doesn't like to lose, and she begins breathing heavily.

Haley decides that if they talk of the hammer, Henry will be arrested for obstructing justice. Franklin is beside himself that she has the audacity to go in this direction. She says she cannot advise or instruct them to conceal or destroy.

Jonathan tries to toss Henry under the bus by saying he must have done it. He's not even upset over it. He only considers saving his own ass.

Grace calls Jonathan despicable and says he needs to leave. Instead, Jonathan goes to see Henry, who blows up at his father.

Jonathan promises Henry that the real him will be back when he survives this, and they'll go on a road trip.

Franklin wonders at Grace's inability to see what's going on with that man.

Jonathan takes the stand, and he claims that he's devoted his life to the antithesis of violence.

Jonathan doesn't do himself any favors being on the stand. He even took his tuxedo to the dry cleaner. As this happens, Grace imagines him cleaning it.

Grace tries to imagine how Henry is holding up, but he's not all that interested in fixing the family any longer. Neither wants to be the first to say they don't want to fix it.

Sylvia has lights around her bed. I love her. Grace wants to take a walk with her.

At the trial, Haley makes an off-the-cuff decision to call Miguel to the stand. Jonathan only recently said he considered Miguel like a son, but he doesn't flinch.

She asks questions about his bedtime, trying to establish that he couldn't have known if Fernando was at home.

After a crying Miguel steps down from the stand, the wheels are spinning behind Grace's eyes. Meanwhile, Sylvia is in the bathroom with the prosecutor. She seems like she has something she wants to say.

Fernando breaks into the room with Jonathan, Grace, and Haley. He's pulled from the room by security.

Grace asks if she should take the stand. Haley doesn't want to put her ambivalence on display. Haley is having trouble tracking Grace's truth. She tells Jonathan that she doesn't think Jonathan could have done this and will testify to that.

Jonathan takes that as a sign to move on Grace again.

That night, she cannot get the bloody swing of that hammer from her mind, nor can she get Franklin's words that to bludgeon someone long after they're dead can only be done by a monster.

Grace takes the stand. She says a lot of decent stuff. She says he's a man of empathy, a healer, and it is not within him to do what he's accused of.

And then the prosecutor rises. She puts a hole in the idea that Jonathan has no violent tendencies. The prosecutor plays Grace's 9-1-1 call to suggest that Grace was terrified and that "in the moment" was a lot longer than she's letting on.

The source of the estrangement is on the table, and Grace shares everything.

Haley is erupting objections left and right to no avail while the prosecutor gets Grace to talk about everything his mother told her on the phone.

The look on Jonathan's face as Grace told the jury his mother said he could not suffer, either from remorse or contrition.

The prosecutor asks about narcissistic personality disorder, which is founded on grandiosity and lack of empathy. The prosecutor unveils the truth that Grace so wanted to believe in Jonathan that she saw what she wanted to see and was blind to the reality of the man she married.

Jonathan gets up and explodes that most of what has been said in the last ten minutes was a lie.

Sylvia is so proud of her friend and joins Grace after she walked into her father's life. Jonathan keeps saying she fucked us, and it's all Heley's fault. But Haley has words.

Henry tells Franklin that his mom did it on purpose. He gets a text, but I can't see what it says. It's from Jonathan, who is finally recalling what he did to Elena.

He remembers their sex.

Henry keeps watching stories about his dad.

Grace gets a message at court. Henry didn't show up at school. Henry went to breakfast with Jonathan, who didn't show up for his trial. Henry tries to talk Jonathan out of it. 

Elena was excited to get to know Grace, hoping that Henry could be like a big brother to Miguel. When Jonathan threatened her, she said he would never hurt her, nor would he ever leave her.

Jonathan is singing with Henry as he's shown pounding her head against the wall, asking if it hurts.

When Henry continues trying to sway the situation, Jonathan screams at him. Jonathan admits people can lose themselves, but it doesn't undo who they are entirely. Jonathan says that the murder isn't his legacy.

Then they show Elena going after him with the hammer, and he swings it, kills her, and continues battering her.

After Henry tells Jonathan he murdered a person, the police come upon them. Henry begs for his dad to pull over and let them out, but Jonathan says every last second, fuck them. Fuck them. Then he tells Henry to shut up.

Jonathan puts Henry in danger by racing through a red light in front of a semi. They miss it by inches. Jonathan stops the car and gets out of the car in the middle of a bridge. He climbs onto the edge.

Jonathan is just as ugly as everyone imagined.

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The Undoing Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I can neither advise nor instruct you to conceal or destroy.


Listen to me. Should this hammer come to light, it is game over. It's one too many coincidences to account for. Add to that, Henry could be arrested for obstruction of justice.