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Max walks into Tara and is freaked out that she is another alter – Shoshana.  He is quite upset that another alter could manifest and leaves Tara before she can change back.

Charmaine goes to see the doctor and is told that the pregnancy is less than two months. This means the father of her child couldn’t be her fiancé Nick’s and it has to be Neal’s child.

Kate is smoking out with Marshall and shows him the video she made of Princess Vahalla Hawkwind.  Marshall admits to her that he is gay and Kate tells him that he should stop seeing Courtney.

The police come and haul Max away for beating up Sully.  Tara alters back in time to realize that Max is being hauled away. She envisions her new alter in the car with her on the way to bail out Max. Seeing Shoshana startles her and Tara gets into a minor fender bender. This allows the two of them to begin another therapy session.

Max is furious that Tara is late and won’t pick up her cell phone. He has Neal pick him up and they go to the same bar where Pammy works.  He confronts Pammy about her relationship with his wife, but she tells him that she never had a thing with his wife. She had a thing for Buck.

Courtney comes to work on the school project with Marshall and he tries to break up with her.  Courtney starts to cry and he tells that he takes it back.

Tara and Charmaine are talking about her surprise baby daddy, when Tara asks Charmaine if she remembers a woman named Mimi from their childhood. Charmaine doesn’t have any recollection.

Max tells Tara things aren’t working anymore. Tara tries to tell Max that the therapy with Shoshana is working - that she is finally getting the help she needs. He doesn’t believe it because Shoshana is Tara and vice versa. They go to bed angry with each other.

Tara wakes up in the middle of the night and goes over to the Hubbard house. Max follows and realizes it is Shoshana. He asks her if he can just talk to her about his problems. Somehow, Tara is sitting by the door listening to their conversation. 

United States of Tara
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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Police Officer: Is this your wife sir?
Max: Who knows?

But my fiancé wasn't even in town then.