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With a tornado on the way, the Gregsons flee for the safety of their new home's basement this week. They're joined there by their gay neighbors, and all get a glimpse of Tara's alters.

Buck and Alice make brief appearances, but Shoshannah is present for the bulk of the episode. When Charmaine freaks out about being stuck underground, Shoshannah sort of tries to comfort her. But she ends up exposing Charmaine's secret that she's carrying around Neil's child, while also outing Charmaine as a perpetual liar.

Just as Shoshannah teases the reason why, saying something about a "pact" Tara and Charmaine agreed on when they were kids, Shoshannah changes back into Tara. As this is happening, we're taken to another world/vision/flash where Tara is actually speaking TO Shoshannah. The latter seems to help the former come to a few realizations, which then leads to the conclusion of the episode:

With the tornado finished, Tara wanders alone down the street, surrounded by the remnants of the storm.

In other storyline news, Marshall can't seem to dump Courtney. She wants them to be a "celibate power couple." Basically, she'd be his beard.

Marshall also bonds with Hany in the basement, as the latter sees just how grounded, intelligent and mature Marshall is. Might the show actually get these two together? I'd assume Hany, instead, will just be used as a person that helps Marshall discover even more about himself.

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United States of Tara Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Marshall: Courtney, how do I put this? I don't wanna touch your breasts, and I don't wanna put my boner in...
Courtney: I know!

Max: The therapist she located is her!
Shoshannah: It's confused.
Max: Fuckin A. And it sucks.