"The Circle Line"

This episode of The Unusuals is titled "The Circle Line." It's the final one before a two-week hiatus for the show.

"Crime Slut"

This week's episode of The Unusuals possesses a great title. It's titled "Crime Slut."

"One Man Band"

Here's an overview of the third episode of The Unusuals. It's titled "One Man Band."

"Boorland Day"

Of course an episode of The Unusuals has an unusual title. This one is "Boorland Duty."


Here's an overview of the pilot episode of The Unusuals. During the hour, we meet the strange detectives that comprise NYC's 2nd Precinct.

The Unusuals Quotes

This is how it works. You pass the badges down until it kills you.

Jason Walsh

We go through people's trash, look for clues, clean up their mess