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Tensions continue to mount for the teenagers as they arrive at an abandoned school. 

Huck works Hope and Felix works Elton with the aim of getting them to turn their backs on the mission and return home. 

Silas and Iris went off on their own. 

However, the three groups were stalked at every turn by walkers, and there was a severe lack of communication between all of them. 

In the end, they escaped with their lives, and prepared to move on to the next place. 

Even Elton realized that he had been making a mistake in the way he had been acting. 

Oh, and Silas killed a walker. 

In a post-credit scene, we got our biggest look at the CRM to date with a woman looking at test subjects who were only referenced by "A" and then a number, aka the mystery that has been a part of the franchise for years. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond
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