Alice Acts Coy With Nick - The Way Home Season 1 Episode 4
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The ferns grab Kat's ankles, but she surfaces. Alice isn't there. But Kat does recognize that the sounds she left aren't the same she's hearing now. She spots Alice and then herself. Alice and Kat are in the field with crowns of wildflowers. It's the first weekend that Brady will be visiting the family. Colton doesn't want to drive her away by saying she can't see him.

Alice says she has to leave, and Kat follows her to the pond again. Before she jumps in, she sees Jacob running through the woods and follows. She sees the house and the boat and her dad. She falls to her knees at the revelation of it. She's got her hands clamped over her mouth trying to hide her sobs.

Del's cow is about to give birth for the fourth time.

Elliot is there to help Alice clean the boat. He tells Alice that she met her dad back in the day. Del wants Alice to clean up the area. She says that Kat is out writing, so she won't invite Elliot for dinner and suggests he play the long game.

Kat is watching her family as they make happy memories.

It's time for the lobster social, and Del is kind of excited. It's fun, she says and hopes Alice will go. Finn goes back in time, too. Jacob has been playing with him. Kat makes a noise, and Colton hears her. He wonders if she needs some help. She begins to sob and runs away.

Everything is flooding back to Kat now, including how Alice gave away clues in the past as to who she was. The next day, Alice asks Kat if she's OK. Kat really thinks they need to talk. She asks Alice to please stay with her today.

Kat wants Alice to talk to her like a friend, not like a mom. She's digging, but she's not going to hear what she wants.

She's excited about the possibility of being best friends with Alice, but Alice takes off again. Alice runs into Spencer and apologizes for lying about her chicken illness.

Rita is pulling lobsters right off of people's plates. She's like everyone's worst relative.

Kat is surprised that Alice is really hanging out with Spencer. On her way out of the lobster social, Andy asks if she'd like a refresher. She also calls him out on not calling her yet. He's not in town often and it's only been two days, says the good doctor.

Kat is reeling after her trip in time. She lays it all out there, and it turns on Andy, who leans in for a heady kiss. She hasn't kissed anyone but her ex in over 20 years. After she gets over that, she goes in for more.

Alice calls her dad. She sees him through a different light. He tells her he was the same then as he is now but just less mature. She thinks that Kat has changed a lot.

Kat brings up her friend Alice to Del, but Del doesn't remember. Then they enter the barn, where they find Andy, who is the town vet.

Kat has bolted.

Alice is in the past, revealing to Elliot that Brady is her dad. It throws him. She wants him to join her on an adventure, which includes watching the big date. Kat wants to do a full-on double date with Nick and calls him on the spot.

There's still a mess by the boat, which annoys Del. Ol' Miss is in distress.

Brady arrives, looking nothing like I expected. He's not pleased to be sharing Kat. Our Kat is outside watching.

Del needs Kat, but she's not there to help. Elliot arrives, though. Del needs his help.

Brady gives his fake ID hoping to score an alcoholic beverage. He's not at all impressive, even with a five-year plan. Outside, Kat remembers that date fondly, even as Alice recoils.

They're going to see The Blair Witch Project. Alice tells Nick she can't imagine Kat winding up with this guy. They run into Nick's parents, two women, outside of the theater. They own the theater. Nick works there too.

Kat heads in, as well. She watches the look on Elliot's face as she orders snacks. When Brady asks Elliot to run his mom's credit card, Nick steps in. Snacks on his parents. Elliot is covering Nick's shift.

In the present, Elliot helps turn the breached calf because Del doesn't have the strength to do it on her own. He's got to put a chain over the hoof and pull it out. He couldn't get it. Del is freaking out. She cannot lose Bess.

Kat watches herself kissing Brady. Alice is kind of disgusted by it. She visits Elliot in the lobby. She doesn't think much of her dad at all, but Elliot tries to soothe her.

Meanwhile, Elliot is working his hardest to pull out a calf. Eureka! Del is so happy.

Kat storms up on Elliot, demanding to know why he's been lying to her. He's been lying to her since she was 15 years old. She says she can take care of her own family. Del thanks Elliot for everything, sharing Ol' Miss's story.

A car pulls up outside. It's Brady. He missed Alice and booked a flight. Is she happy to see him?

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The Way Home Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

There she is! The makeout queen of the lobster social.


Alice: What was my dad like as a teenager?
Elliot: Ah, I don't know. He wasn't from around here.
Alice: Yeah, but he visited mom when they were dating, right? In '99?
Elliot: You just time traveled, didn't ya?