You gotta do the thing that scares you. That's what Colton always said. I wish your grandpa could have heard you sing. He would have loved that.


Monica: What can I get you, boys?
Brady: I'll have a low-fat latte with an extra shot of espresso, please.
Elliott: House coffee. Black.

This whole adventure has made me realize I'm kind of a spectator in my own life. I've always known where I was going to end up. Ever since that day in 1999 when Alice told me that I was her science teacher in the future, that Brady was her dad, that I'd never have a chance, everything was set in stone before I could do anything about it. And it made me think, you know, I can't help thinking, everything that's happened, all the predictions have happened, and now, for the first time, for the first time in my life, I can make my own choices, create my own future. I'm free. And I want to know what that means. I want to live now.


The explorer found a home, but he still looks to the stars when he feels lost.

Kat [reading]

I do want to tell you, Katherine, I realize I wasn't there for you when you needed me. I was so lost in my own grief, and I really regret that. But you know what? This right here is my grief support group. Lucky, lucky you. But honestly, I had to tell you two, ever since you barged back into my life, you just filled my heart up. Cheers sweetheart.


The pond didn't take me where I wanted to go, but it took me where I needed to go.


Elliot: What happened will always happen
Kat: So are you saying that if I had stayed away, he still might have died that night?
Elliot: You have to believe that, yes.

Kat: I am a bad seed. I am the root of all the bad things that happened to my family.
Elliot: Kat! Stop! You have to let it go.
Kat: Alright. I just. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you have to be a part of all of this now.
Elliot: I've always been a part of it. Since the moment someone told me my future, my life has been ruled by the past, and I'm happy to be here, where I always knew I would be, even if I only had a very little part in the decision. But you never had to go through that, Kat!

I know you don't want to go back, and I don't blame you. But I don't want you to regret anything, either.


I wish I could just jump back into the pond and go back to the start. I really wish things could be different.


Those words were written in a different time, but they still hold the truth.


Kat: I took your hand the night that dad died. Brady -- he was right there. I took your hand because you were the one that I needed, and I still do.
Elliot: I need you, too. I always have.
Kat: I should have kept holding your hand and just never let go.
Elliot: Well, you weren't thinking clearly that night. How could you have, I mean, how can you be seeing clearly now?
Kat: You have to trust me, too. Hey, I've never seen more clearly.