The Pond Has Its Ways - The Way Home Season 2 Episode 2
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Alice is freaked out. Young Elliot wonders why she’s here. Alice has no idea, but she knows she’s not supposed to be here. She jumps back into the pond and goes home. She screams at the pond. What have you done? Where’s my mom?

Alice runs to Elliot, and he thinks Kat lied to him. When she says they did give up even if it meant not looking for Jacob, he stops her. What does she mean? Plus, Kat will be fine. She always is.

Kat is being carried through the woods. She’s unconscious.

Del plays with the dirt, recalling Colton telling her it’s going to be a good year. There’s nothing like Landry soil. When she gets home, Kat and Alice are gone.

Elliot cannot believe that Jacob might have been taken by the pond, and how did he not realize it when Kat traveled, since he never knew that before. He’s not as angry as before, and can’t believe Kat didn’t tell him about Jacob. Alice stands up for her mom and herself. Elliot says he’s been gone all that time, and here he is the Giles to Alice’s Buffy. She says he doesn’t need to be that anymore. She leaves.

Kat is being cared for by a woman who asks, “Don’t you want to know how she is?” The woman is asking a man with her. Kat is septic, but she’s alive. The guy says he should have taken better aim.

Kat sits up. Alice! She’s in a cellar of some kind. She makes her way up the stairs and sees the 1814 Almanac on the nearby table. She falls down in the kitchen. She recognizes no faces, and then she passes out.

Del can’t believe Kat missed dinner. Alice says she went out of town but she forgot to tell Del. Alice tells Del how excited Spencer is to open his own restaurant using only Del’s produce. He even thinks Del should expand.

Brady calls Alice. Part of the deal is that she needs an internship, and he’s considering getting her one at his own firm. He asks after Kat, and Alice answers honestly. She doesn’t know where she is.

The man is angry that the woman let Kat escape the cellar. He wants her to keep Kat locked up. When Kat calls for Alice, the woman holds her down and says she’s not going anywhere.

The longer she’s away, the more disappointed Del gets in her daughter. Alice says she’s fine with it, which is OK with Del.

Del talks to Elliot about her plans to turn the crops into a larger nonprofit teaching the local youth about farming. He’s happy to help.

She still misses Colton when making such decisions, and Elliot admits that even after Colton was gone, he would talk with him, wondering what he would say. While he was traveling, Elliot visited his dad, Victor. Del is happy he did that.

She leaves him with a word of advice about love and relationships. Don’t overthink it. It’s complicated enough.

Finn is in Alice’s bedroom. She tells him not to follow her. She goes into the pond, and she’s back in time. It’s 2000. Kat has left with Brady by this time. She missed her by a couple of hours. Elliot wants her to leave. Ever since she came here, his life has fallen apart. He used to have a family and was happy. Now, he has no one. Colton, Jacob, and Kat are all gone, and it’s all her fault. He never wants to see her again.

Alice goes back into the pond, but she’s right back in 2000 when she emerges. She’s not traveling.

Kat listens to a discussion coming from upstairs. They had no choice but to make a deal with someone named Walter, which is as good as a deal with the devil. Kat escapes out the window. She was in the basement of The Point General Store. The man from the store chases her down the road. She falls, and Cyrus Goodwin helps her up. The woman from the store rides by on a horse, taking Kat onto the back of it and riding away.

Elliot helps Alice. She tells him about the other night at the party. She tried really hard to live in the present, but she missed this. It’s the last time she was really happy. Elliot feels like he was shipwrecked. He’s touring everything that’s gone now. It’s like all the good times never even happened. They still have the memories, Alice says, and they still have each other, right?

He pulls out an MP3 player that holds about 25 songs. They listen to Three Doors Down “Kryptonite.”

He apologizes to Alice, and she says she’ll always be grateful to him for his help now and in the future.

Susana Augustine is the woman who saved Kat. When she discovers that, she is a little frightened. Thomas shot Kat. Kat tells her she desperately needs to go back to the pond, and Susana offers to take her there.

Alice apologizes to Elliot for telling him his future. They say goodbye again.

Susana says Kat was smart to be dressing like a man, especially during the war. Kat’s like, the war? Oh, yeah. It started two years ago. Susana wonders if the friend Kat lost was Alice, startling Kat. Then she asks about Jacob. She discovers that Jacob is at the Landry farm with his family. Kat wants to go to this, but Susana is like, but what about your friend Alice? Kat stutters and wonders if he’s alright. Is he happy? He is a very happy little boy, Susana says.

Kat returns home and runs into Alice at the pond. She tells her what she discovered. They cry.

Kat wants to go to Langermore before the estate sale starts. When Alice sees the portrait, she says Kat has to go back. The painting says it all. Elliott is there, too. He’s snooty.

Kat has the painting in hand and sees a pistol, recalling her emergence from the pond.

Elliot has memories from the estate, too. He’s lost in thought when Del comes up behind him. She had already finished the proposal.

Del thought the sale was creepy, but there she is. She spies some books, like The Founding of Port Haven. She tells Kat that she was right. It’s important to say your goodbyes.

Alice doesn’t understand why Elliot didn’t tell her about the visit if he remembers it. He says he can’t be involved with either her or her mother.

The town turned down the proposal, and ghost Colton tells Dell to talk to Kat.

The horse is in the field again. They seem to have a connection.

Kat bought the gun, too. She places it on the mantle at the Herald. Del spots the Almanac pages on her desk, and Kat says she’s telling the family’s story about Landry history. That discussion puts Del off from telling Kat about the farm.

The neighbor visits while they’re away, and Alice gets the news directly from him. She calls Brady. She’s not coming to Minneapolis. She hopes he understands, but he doesn’t. She assures him that it was nothing he did.

Alice shares the news with Del, who gives her a copy of Alice in Wonderland she found at the estate sale.

Alice tells Kat she went back to 2000. Kat is surprised Elliot never told her about the visit, but Alice assures him it’s alright.

Elliot is reading his journal when she barges in to talk about everything. He blames her for Colton’s death, which she takes as a dare. Just watch me fix it.

She goes back again. When she arrives, she hears a child laughing by the pond. She sees a boy and runs toward him, screaming, “Jacob!”

The Way Home
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The Way Home Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Hey, Elliot. I’m sorry for telling you about your future. I really never meant to ruin it all for you.


Susana: How do you know Jacob Landry? You called out for him, as well.
Kat: Do you know Jacob Landry?
Susana: I do.
Kat: Little boy, brown hair, blue eyes. He’s about this tall? [Susana nods] Where? Where is he?
Susana: On the Landry farm with his family.