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Minx comes to play with Henry, how sweet. She gives him a mission from Drill. It's a treasure hunt, and while Henry is off on that, Minx takes care of his grandmother.

Claire, Wes, and the whole crew are at the power plant. They figure out that Sean and Dr. Maria Benavidez got in during an evacuation. But, when Claire's mom calls about Minx being injured, Claire gets worried.She thinks that the nuclear power plant was a distraction while Sean got what he really wanted - Henry. As soon as she drives off, Wes spots Sean on the power plant's surveillance camera.

Sean collapses, and the DOD and FBI manage to capture him. Wes interrogates Sean via intercom, but he doesn't get too far because the feed gets cut.

Henry has been spotted in access point four under the cooling towers, which is not a good place to be because a nuclear meltdown is a real possibility. The plan is to flood the reactor and get a six mile radius evacuation. 

Claire wants to run into the reactor to save her son before they flood the reactor. It's a race to find family! Henry is waiting for Sean. Sean is rushing towards this kid that he doesn't know. Claire watches the whole thing from above until she finally manages to get down there.

It's a family reunion, and Drill won the game, at least this part of it.

The Whispers
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The Whispers Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You're mommy's pretty, not as pretty as mine.


Hi Henry, I'm Minx. Drill said I should come over to play.