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Cahir dreams of Ciri. Emhyr wakes him up to send him on a mission to kill Francesca. Cahir questions whether they’re doing the right thing. Emhyr assures him they are.

At Aretuza, Yennefer pitches the conclave idea to the Brotherhood.

Stregobor remains opposed to Yennefer and her idea.

In the woods, Ciri unpacks what happened when the Wild Hunt pursued her. Geralt plans to head to Aretuza. She is reluctant and admits part of it is because she regrets what she said to Yennefer.

The invitations to the conclave are being prepared. Tissaia and Yennefer go over the plans. Yennefer notices the bracelet Tissaia wears. Tissaia tells her it is a gift from Vilgefortz.

Tissaia comments that Philippa would roll her eyes at the relationship. Yennefer asks why they fell out, but Tissaia sidesteps the question. Yennefer plans to invite Philippa personally.

Triss comes to report another novice, Elizabet, has gone missing. Yennefer thanks her for caring for Ciri at Kaer Morhen.

Triss finds Istredd in the library. She looks up the register of novices and realizes all the girls who have gone missing are half-elven.<> Istredd tells her about the Book of Monoliths. He wanted to see it to see if he could help the elves find a new homeland, but the book could be used to banish elves forever.

Geralt and Ciri find Jaskier waiting for them at a chain ferry landing. The ferryman won’t go because he believes there’s a monster in the water.

Ciri just at the chance to fight a monster. Geralt negotiates passage in exchange for killing the monster.

Onboard the ship, Obin, the ferryman talks to them about the monster and the Wild Hunt.

A musical troupe led by Valdo Marx boards the ship. Jaskier knows that but doesn’t want them aboard.

Vilgefortz goes over the plans to send Yennefer to Redania via Portal. He asks if she has an agenda. He won’t see her hurt Tissaia again. Yennefer tells him she and Tissaia knows her too well and that Tissaia is soft and more trusting with his influence. In Redania, Dijkstra and Philippa consult on Nilfgaard.

On the ship, Ciri analyzes the ripples left by the monster. Ciri believes it’s an aeschna. She gives him a plan of action and he seems impressed.

Valdo Marx tells Jaskier he’s playing the event at Aretuza, requested by Sabrina. In an effort to look impressive, Jaskier says he’s been requested by Yennefer of Vengerberg.

The monster gets close to the ship. Geralt asks Ciri why her magic eludes her.

In Redania, they mourn Queen Hedwig. Yennefer arrives and approaches Philippa. Vizimir makes a speech calling the country to arms against Nilfgaard.

Once the people disperse, Yennefer approaches King Vizimir and manipulates him into sending Philippa to the conclave. Vizimir insists Dijkstra and Radovid understand.

On the ship, Ciri asks the musicians to be quiet, so they won’t disturb the aeschna.

The monster attacks. Ciri and Geralt.fight back. Ciri strikes the killing blow.

Yennefer enters the portal to return to Aretuza but nearly falls off a cliff on the other side. Geralt is there asking for Ciri. Geralt attacks her.

A portal appears with the false Geralt in front of it. Yennefer disintegrates him and throws herself into the portal. She lands in the council chambers. Sabrina and Triss come in. She tells them what happened, describes the cliffs as being made of stellacite and the sea black; and wants to warn Tissaia. Triss tells her something strange is happening.

Sabrina leaves. Triss tells Yennefer, Ciri’s elven blood may cause a catastrophe.

In the woods, Geralt tells Ciri about Teryn and the experiments. Ciri is adamant they find out who is harming the girls. They head for Aretuza.

Fringilla celebrates her survival at a tavern. After dancing the night away, she overhears talk of missing boats and a big party at Aretuza.

Yennefer greets Geralt, Ciri, and Jaskier. She and Ciri clear the air. Jaskier is put in charge of Ciri when Yennefer and Geralt consult.

Jaskier and Ciri play cards until she falls asleep. As he cleans up, he hears noises outside.

He ventures out and discovers Radovic hiding in an outbuilding. Radovic sings him his own song and Jaskier kisses him.

Elven arches are at the ready when Cahir rushes into the scene. Francesca confronts him. Cahir offers people and supplies in exchange for cooperation.

Vizimir’s messenger rides to Aretuza and is shot through the neck just as CIri foresaw.

Triss meets Istredd in the caverns below Aretuza and lets him know about Yennefer being attacked in the portal.

Remembering Yennefer talked about stellicite, they cast a locator spell on a book with stellacite duct on it. They both see a distinct-looking safe.

Yennefer and Geralt consider the suspects and narrow it down to Stregobor. They decide to let it play out at the conclave.

Scenes from around the castle - Stregobor in various stairwells. Philippa and Dijkstra confer.

Yennefer and Geralt prepare to enter the conclave’s ball.

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The Witcher Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

This conclave is my first step on the path of regaining your trust. If we are to unite the Continent, and let me be clear, we have to, we must first agree. No more division. No more secrets. We can all be our best selves. For the Brotherhood.


Tissaia: You know, for someone who disdains politics, you do excel at it.
Yennefer: It’s just personal agenda wrapped up in a different package.