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The Relocation forces in West Philadelphia are hosing off homeless people in the first phase of a cleanup before they're moved to a medical facility.

The signs posted on the wall are supposed to warn the me of what's to come.

A garbage truck rolls by, supposedly equating the homeless with trash. A man gets off of the truck. 

The man in charge of the ordeal is putting antibacterial gel onto his hands. The man from the truck is heading into his office. He's barefoot and grabs the dude and rips him in before climbing back into the garbage truck. It closes upon him and drives away.

On the case, Mulder notices the killer had no footprints, which is impossible, and didn't toss the head into the proper recycling bin.

Scully gets a call from her brother from Germany. Her mom just had a heart attack. She's in the ICU in DC. Mulder ushers her away.

Mulder watches the security footage. He makes a funny about the 76ers not knocking the camera around, because those guys can't find the rim. He also notes the hangman artwork outside is post death just before he steps on a Band-Aid that makes me want to vomit. He peels it off of his shoe.

Scully arrives at her mother's side. Her mother regained consciousness for a moment and asked for Charlie, Scully's younger brother from whom she is estranged. Scully is surprised. 

When Mulder hears two people who speak on behalf of the homeless, but really on behalf of themselves, he wonders who really speaks on behalf of the homeless. Oone speaks up. The Band-Aid Nose Man. Mulder wonders if that's the name of the artist. 

Scully is remembering when she was in the hospital, Mulder by her side. Her brother calls at a time another patient dies across the hall from her mother. She promises to keep her mother on life support until he arrives. She and her mother spoke about it when Scully was in the coma, her advance directive was to do anything she could do to keep her alive.

Mulder has the gross bandage looked at and there is neither living nor dead material on it, which confuses the hell out of everybody.

Couple of stupid dudes stole the panels of the hangman. They're gonna die!

The hangman is gone from the panels. Uh oh. Now one of the guys is gone. Double uh oh. Oh, he's dead beside it. With a bag on his head. The hangman rips the buddy apart. Gross. That's the scene from the trailer! Dragging the body out of the warehouse. He signs his painting...The Trashman.

Scully discovers her mother changed her directive. Mulder is here at the hospital just as she learns she needs to extubate.

The apartment dude is putting the homeless onto a bus.

Scully also wonders what it is about the quarter that made her mother want to put it around her neck. 

While Scully was off talking to Mulder, the doctors remove the breathing tubes from her mother.

The Trashman is on his way to see the lady. She sees The Trashman coming for her and runs. Futile, but who can blamer her. He's everywhere. He puts her head into the trash compactor before he leaves.

Scully gets a call from Charlie and asks him to say something to their mother on the phone. She comes to life for just enough time to know her son is OK, to tell Mulder her son is named William, too, and then she dies.

Scully's mother was an organ donor, but Scully freaks seeing the table coming for her mother. Mulder comforts her while Scully wonders why her last words were about their child, Margaret's child, that they gave away. Why?

Scully wants to drive to Philadelphia now. She needs to work.

There is only one store in Philadelphia that carries the type of spray paint used on The Trashman art. Scully and Mulder are on the move. Down in a dark basement, they appear to find something. It doesn't look like the Trashman as we came to know him. But scary nonetheless. There is a clay sculpture with a Band-Aid on his nose just like the Trashman.

A real man in there, talking about trash and how just putting it in the right bin, and treating other people like actual trash, isn't right. He's making things that go away eventually. But the Band-Aid Nose Man is different. As he explains what happened and how he came about, Scully recalled giving birth to William. The violent idea popped into his head, but it was only for a moment. Now Trashman thinks it's what he is supposed to do, because even a little idea is a bad one.

Scully knows he's responsible because even though he put it out of sight, it was still his to begin with. If you made the problem, if it was your idea, just because you put it out of sight, you're just as bad as the people you hate.

Scully was in the middle of her own epiphany.

Darryl Landry was bussing the people away and pretending like he cared about them as he got them settled in. He started to cough and all of the new residents went into their rooms and closed the doors. Trashman is coming. 

Scully wants to be by Mulder's side as he solves his biggest mysteries, but her biggest mysteries will go unsolved because they all related to William. Is he OK? Does he think of her as often as she does of him and she wants to know, needs to know, that nobody thinks they treated him like trash. That they didn't dump the responsibility and walk away.

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Please, mom, don't go home yet. I need you.


It looks like this person was born without footprints. Which is impossible, by the way.