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PART I: J.T. visits with Victor, informing him about Reed. Victor offers the guest room to J.T. and insists that he stay. Victor asks J.T to dig up information on David Chow. Victor urges Neil to dig up and exploit all the information on the Clear Springs construction.

PART II: Victor meets with Michael to explain the present investigation that links him to Ji Min Kim’s death. Victor demands that Michael make the accusations go away. David asks Nikki if she has come to a decision on the proposal. Nikki is not sure if it’s the right time. It is important to Nikki that she focus on Victoria’s recovery and getting things settled with Victor.

PART III: Kay insists that whatever Nikki decides to do, it is important to do what is going to make her the happiest. Neither Kay nor Nikki is shaken by Victor’s threats. Nikki arrives back at Nick and Sharon’s old house and confesses to David that she is falling in love with him. Michael tries to get Kevin to acknowledge the fact that Gloria is pretending to like Jeff.

PART IV: Michael guesses that Jeff has discovered that Gloria tainted Jabot cream. Meanwhile, Jeff continues to taunt Gloria about his strategies to blackmail her into marrying him. Jeff informs her that he plans to announce their engagement on New Year’s. Jeff and Jill discuss his relationship with Gloria. A bemused Jill advises Jeff to take things slowly.

Gloria informs Kevin about her plans to liquidate all of her assets so that Jeff won’t be able to touch her money. Gloria stresses about how important it is to stop Jeff from announcing their bogus engagement.

The Young and the Restless
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