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Y&R: Part I

Heather starts crying at the news that Paul is her father and then becomes angry. She lashes out at him for abandoning her and not telling her. She accuses him of doing so because she knows what he did to Sheila.

Paul (Doug Davidson) is taken aback as Heather vows to turn him in but Paul warns that she'll only be hurting Lauren. Paul then meets Maggie at Lauren's where Michael is surprised to hear Heather is Paul's daughter.

Y&R: Part II

As they try to calm Lauren, Paul promises to handle this.

Michael later complains about Lauren keeping a secret from him. After he compliments her on the work she's doing, Karen invites Neil over to dinner and offers to make it a movie night with "Prizzi's Honor."

Admitting the movie she mentioned was Dru's favorite, Neil (Kristoff St. John) turns down her offer and lies that he has work to do with Sharon. When she runs into Sharon later, Karen learns Neil lied to her.

Y&R: Part III

Neil confides to Sharon (Sharon Case) that he doesn't know if he's ready to date. Encouraged, he convinces Karen to go have dinner. Dr. Webb announces to Victor and the others that there is nothing new.

When Brad (Don Diamont) arrives, he's upset that no one contacted him about her blood pressure problem. Heather finds Phyllis with Daniel and Summer and threatens to call the prison about this violation.

Daniel (Michael Graziadei) pleads with her to have a heart. After she backs off, Daniel apologizes and makes a remark about seeing a different side of her. He later warns his mother that he heard Heather call the prison about making random checks on Phyllis.

Paul asks Heather if she intends to report him and for what...

The Young and the Restless
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