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Part 1 -- Gloria asks her son to keep Jeffrey busy while she searches his room for the tainted skin cream but is foiled. Later, a determined Gloria tells Kevin she intends to seduce Jeffrey and asks him to interrupt so that she won't have to have sex with him. Gloria tells her plans to Lauren, but already in a panic over what Paul may have told Heather, Lauren blasts her for putting her in even more danger. Gloria (Judith Chapman) ends up in Jeffrey's room where he kisses her. She slips into the bathroom, calls Kevin for help and tries everything she can to delay getting into bed with him. She gets a peek at a note William wrote in which he says that he was not to allow "her" to get away with it.

Part 2 -- Kevin arrives and takes Gloria away for an emergency at Jabot. Michael tells Heather (Vail Bloom) that she must recuse herself from any case because Paul is involved but she angrily tells him where to go. Lauren approaches her about giving Paul a break and recounts her fear that Sheila may be alive and come back to harm her. Heather points out Paul abandoned her. After a chat with Daniel during which she learns he's only been with Phyllis for about four years, Heather calls Paul to meet her. Admitting he's told only a few the truth, Paul confesses she has a half-brother Ricky who lives with his grandparents in L.A. Heather warns that she intends to do to Phyllis what she meant for him.

The Young and the Restless
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