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PART ONE: Before Jack and Daniel leave for the courthouse, Daniel plans to keep his cellphone on in court so that Phyllis can hear how her appeal is considered. While Brad comforts Nikki, Dr. Webb announces to Victor that Victoria's (Amelia Heinle) blood pressure is high so he's ordered a new drug to be administered. Victor (Eric Braeden) advises Brad and Nikki who in frustration walks away.

PART TWO: Victor later warns Sharon that a decision will have to be made soon about the baby. Phyllis is relieved when Nick shows at Newman. When Nick updates Phyllis on Victoria, she surprises him with a pillow she made in a prison class for his sister. Dr. Webb advises Victor and Nikki that the drug isn't working so they need to decide whether to deliver the baby or not in order to save Victoria's life.

PART THREE: Michael (Christian LeBlanc) asks him to stay away from Heather, but Daniel blasts her for going after his mother instead of real criminals. After Daniel calls Phyllis and she answers, Michael makes his opening statement. After a recess, Heather counters with her own argument. The judge spots Daniel's phone, confiscates it, and kicks him out. Later, he calls his mother to explain they are waiting for the judge's ruling.

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