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The Young and the Restless: Episode Guide, Part I

J.T. convinces Victoria to come to Clear Springs with him even though he'll be working undercover. Brad interrupts and wants to talk to him about security but J.T. announces he doesn't work for Paul anymore.

Brad makes a rude remark about how he's out of a job while his girlfriend is pregnant. Later, J.T. makes a call to order flowers to be delivered to Victoria at Clear Springs where he intends to ask her to marry him.

Karen complains to Neil about Jack's troubles causing problems for her own job. He invites her to the club to get away from work. Failing to admit that she's with Brad (Don Diamont), Sharon takes a call from Nick and then is forced to admit that Jack found out about the kiss because she needed someone to talk to.

The Young and the Restless: Episode Guide, Part II

He promises he'll take care of Phyllis. Jana admits to Phyllis that she killed Carmen and, at the time, she knew it was wrong. Phyllis is pleased to see Nick again at the prison but he greets her with the news that he kissed Sharon. He assures her that he loves only her.

Later, Jack is her next visitor and complains about the kiss. When she asks if he loves Sharon, Jack confides that he can't lose her. The two agree that they must keep Nick and Sharon apart for the sake of their marriages. Sharon is unnerved when Phyllis calls to ask how her husband kisses.

Phyllis demands that she come see her tomorrow to talk about this. Sharon tells a nearby Nick who urges her to give Phyllis time to get over it. Meanwhile, when Phyllis complains to Jana, she offers to help her cellmate deal with Sharon (Sharon Case).

The Young and the Restless
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