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Part One: As The Young and the Restless continues its big week, J.T. calls Victoria from Clear Springs with an update. Victor gifts his daughter with a book about baby names. Nick talks to his father about some changes he's making at the company and though Victor doesn't agree with them, he does like the fact that his son and daughter are working together. They talk names and Nick pleads with Victoria not to use any variation on the names Victor and Nikki when she settles on the name.

Part Two: After Victor leaves, Nick advises his sister that he's going to see Phyllis and then will head up to Clear Springs. Victoria mentions using Victor's real name Christian but Nick doesn't like the idea. Amber (Adrienne Frantz) makes a call and agrees to pay $15,000 to produce her CD. Daniel boasts to Colleen that he knows Lily's attracted to Cane but adds that Cane seems more interested in Heather. Heather invites Cane to play another game of basketball but he claims he's too busy.

Part Three: Cane (Daniel Goddard) returns to the office for an update from J.T. He also comforts his mother after she cries about a terrible dream she had about watching Ji Min die. When he changes the subject, Jill presses him for the name of the woman she thinks he's interested in but he won't talk. After complaining to Colleen about her non-existent love life, Lily overhears Heather talking with Colleen about what it felt like when she kissed Cane. When Cane calls, Lily hangs up on him.

Part Four: She then confides to Colleen (Tammin Sursok) that if she had to do it all over again, she wouldn't have divorced Daniel. Catching him with Amber, Nick asks Daniel to stay at the tackroom to keep track of Summer while he's up at Clear Springs. He then offers to drive Victoria up to Clear Springs after he sees Phyllis but she wants to go by herself. At Clear Springs J.T. points out to Joe the foreman that the cement mixture doesn't look right but Joe insists he knows what he's doing.

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