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Part I

Cane questions Heather about Ji Min's case but she won't talk. Under pressure from Jill to let her know how Ji Min's case is progressing, Maggie leaks that they do have someone they're interested in and drops Jack's name. Before leaving to see Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), Michael warns Gloria to stay away from Jeffrey because it's obvious to him that he came to town with a plan. He also tells her that she's horribly mistaken if she thinks Jeffrey has a romantic interest in her.

Part II

Later, Gloria meets with Jeffrey who asks her about John. When she mentions being cut out of his will, thanks to Jack, Jeffrey mentions that he too was left with nothing from his brother's estate. After Gloria leaves, Jeffrey chats with Jill about his brother's taste in women. Jack warns Sharon that he's a "person of interest" in the Ji Min case, thanks to Fisher the dog. Pointing out there are hundreds of similar dogs in Genoa City, Sharon assures Jack that she supports him and always will.

Part III

Just then, Jill arrives and barges in to blame Jack for her lover's death. Jack denies it but Jill warns Sharon that there is surveillance tape that shows Jack was the last person seen coming from Ji Min's hotel room the night he died. After Jill leaves, Sharon (Sharon Case) stares in disbelief at Jack who apologizes for failing to let her know about that other piece of evidence.

Part IV

She points out that she can't support him if he's hiding things from her. After Sharon exits to fetch Noah, John appears to his son and urges him to accept Sharon's support and find Ji Min's killer himself. Before Michael arrives, Phyllis talks with the prison chaplain about John. Phyllis confides in Michael about the chaplain and Michael remembers John's will. Later, Phyllis asks the chaplain about John's final weeks.

The Young and the Restless
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