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Nick (Joshua Morrow) learns that Jack is a suspect in Ji Min’s murder case and is not happy that Noah lives with him. Daniel brings Summer to prison to visit Phyllis. He also tells her that he brought the warden her work schedule, so she should be all set up to go tomorrow.

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Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) sees Katherine in the Clear Springs parking garage and tells her that Victor is calling in her loan.

Kay says that she’ll give her an extension on her loan payments for however long she needs, but that she can’t give her another loan to pay off Victor. Katherine calls Victor to ask how he could possibly pull Nikki’s loan.

Victor asks if she is going to give her the money, in which Kay replies no. Nikki informs David that NVP isn’t going to be opening in Clear Springs because Victor called in the loan.

Nikki tells Nick that Victor pulled her funding. Nick is outraged and vows to help her find the money she needs for NVP. Victoria has the same reaction when she finds out.

In Clear Springs, Lauren, Noah, Maggie, and Paul all decide to go fishing together, while Nick and Sharon go to look at the casino for the Cassie’s Challenge benefit. Lauren and Maggie talk about Paul, and Lauren tells her a story about his mother.

Maggie is stunned to learn that Paul is her ex husband. Amber drives up to Clear Springs to give Lauren the sketches she left in Genoa City. She gives Lauren her demo CD and sketches of designs she’s made, hoping Lauren will consider her for her grand opening fashion show.


Lauren promises that Amber will have a place in the show. J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) inspects the parking structure and finds a crack in the cement. Nikki and David hear the sound of a building collapsing.

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