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The Young and the Restless
Recap, April 3, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Victoria complains to Nick that Adam keeps trying to be in charge.

When Victor leaks to Adam that he's going to L.A., Adam guesses to himself that he's going to see Sabrina. When Adam brings Phyllis a gift, she orders him to stop hitting on her.

He acts surprised but then agrees that he can be flirtatious. She asks him again to stop it.

Lauren chats with Phyllis about writing the magazine column and when Amber invites her to do a review of her designs, Phyllis orders her to go answer the ringing phones.

Phyllis complains to Nick about Adam but Nick suggests he's got a harmless crush on her. Gloria complains to Jeffrey about being tricked by an actor and then claims that her sons' alienation is Jeffrey's fault.

Jeffrey responds by telling her that he's fallen in love with her. Jack and Sharon lay into Alistair after they run into him at the Crimson Lights.

Though upset they haven't paid him as much as they promised, the actor agrees to "go away." Instead, Alistair heads to the Chancellor estate where he tells Jill and Kay that he's going to rescue Gloria from her loveless marriage. He seeks more information about Gloria's relationship with John.

Warning Gloria likes to be fussed over, Jill offers to help fund his dates with Gloria.

Returning to the mansion, Jack tells Gloria and Jeffrey that they need to divide the property and adds that Ashley and Traci are going to want some things as well.

Thrilled, Gloria invites Kevin to another party at the mansion but Kevin refuses to attend. Jana lays into Kevin but he won't change his mind, adding that they also won't be getting married at the Abbott house either. Amber agrees to be Jana's maid of honor while Michael is best man.

Gloria complains to Jeffrey who reveals he's going to move back to the Athletic Club to make her miss him. Victor arrives in L.A. and is happy to be reunited with Sabrina.

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