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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
August 18, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

As Michael stares in disbelief at finding his father, Jana remarks about how wonderful the coincidence is.

As Gloria stares and Lowell, now called "River," comments on "Glo," Jeffrey quickly steps in to tell him that he's married to Gloria.

Kevin asks Lowell to continue with the ceremony. Afterwards, Amber takes a moment to badmouth Colleen to Daniel.

Gloria argues with River about why he never contacted her Admitting he's a lawyer, Michael warns his father that he has a legal obligation to turn him in to the police.

He confirms that he has a son named Fenmore but then blasts River for not being there when he was growing up.

Later, Amber watches as Daniel and Colleen leave and then spots them kissing passionately
. Noticing the ring he gave Chloe is the same one he gave her, Lily points out to Cane he did the right thing.

Cane insists he will find a way to get back to Lily. Having heard Neil and Tyra are hiding something, Devon forces them to reveal that Ana is actually his sister.

Admitting she doesn't know who her father is, Tyra explains that she has raised the girl as her own daughter since she was 15.

Devon's upset that no one told him but Tyra asks him to keep the truth a secret or she may lose custody of the girl.

Jill offers Chloe money to leave town but when she doesn't bite, Jill guesses she wants the Chancellor money.

She accepts her and offers to help her be a better person. Jill later confirms for Lily that Chloe told her about her pregnancy.

Jill advises Cane that she's going to throw a big engagement party for the sake of the company. Lily warns her rival that if she wasn't pregnant, she would slap her.

Lily finds Devon upset and learns about Ana. She suggests they tell her but not until she's older. Showing off the engagement ring, Chloe surprises Cane by announcing that it's moving day.

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