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The Young and the Restless
August 19, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Kay wishes Victoria well with her return to Newman. Adam's upset when Victoria nixes his idea of buying a factory in Russia.

Jill advises Cane that she'll personally help him during his early days as Jabot's CEO. The two argue about having the engagement party.

She warns him that if he's not serious about making the marriage to Chloe work, then it is doomed to fail.

While Colleen and Daniel go for a walk to discuss last night, Amber complains to the newlyweds that she saw Daniel and Colleen having sex.

Kevin advises Lauren that Jeffrey and Gloria left last night. Jana pulls Daniel aside to warn that Amber took an early flight back to Genoa City.

River advises Michael that he'd like to get to know him but Michael points out what a terrible father he was. Michael later tells his father that he will not turn him in to the police.

Colleen senses Daniel's worried and he leaks that Amber saw them having sex
. Back in town, Amber tells Kay all about the wedding and then leaks that she saw Amber and Colleen together so she went out "clubbing" to get over it.

Daniel finds Amber and tries to explain what happened but she boasts she had fun last night with a surfer from Malibu.

Nick finds Heather and Adam having fun in the Newman pool and questions his concern for their missing father. Later, Michael advises Victoria and Nick that because the company owns the ranch, she can kick Adam off the property.

At the Mexican cantina, Victor holds Sabrina's earring as he eyes an unsuspecting Walter sitting at the bar.

Hearing him arrange for a boat to go tuna fishing, Victor approaches the bartender and offers to captain the ship.

He later offers the earring to the little girl at the bar. Learning from Paul about Walter's hobby of going fishing in Mexico, Nikki guesses that Victor is hunting the man and asks if she can accompany Paul.

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