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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
August 22, 2008

As The Young and the Restless gets underway, the bartender advises Paul and Nikki that Victor's boat didn't return to the docks.

Nick calls Paul to warn him the FBI has determined there is a mob hit out on Walter.

Nick then asks Daniel to have a talk with Noah who he fears is drinking. Daniel can't believe it. While showing Noah his drawings for the upcoming art show, Daniel urges him not to grow up so soon.

Noah guesses his dad talked to him and Daniel responds that they all care about him.

Lily assures Ana that she knows what it's like to find out a parent is your parent but when she urges her to forgive Tyra, Ana refuses and vows never to do so.

She later tells Tyra that from now on, she wants to live with Devon. Jill won't hear it when Chloe demands that she have the engagement party somewhere besides the Chancellor estate.

Jill then reassures Brad that she needs him at Jabot and he responds that he's not going anywhere. Heather resents it when Adam claims that her problems are nothing in comparison to his own troubles.

When Heather arrives at the magazine and faints, Daniel calls for an ambulance. At the hospital Adam blames himself for Heather's collapse but a doctor reveals that she has a low blood count and needs more tests.

At the photo shoot, Lily talks with Cane about Ana. Chloe interrupts and convinces Cane to take her home because she's not feeling well.

Amber confides to Chloe that she intends to have Daniel see her with her new friend. Upset to see the guest list for the party, Chloe suggests to Cane that they elope.

After getting a call about Heather, Paul decides to fly home and when Nikki won't go with him, he decides to leave her behind. The police inform Nikki that the charter boat washed ashore without Victor.

During his date with Colleen, Daniel is surprised to see Amber at the Athletic Club too. He accuses her of lying about meeting Liam but then reconsiders when he sees her open phone has a text message from the guy.

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