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The Young and the Restless
Tuesday, July 26
Episode Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Lily and Devon try to convince Ana to agree to attend the out-of-state music school. She finally agrees but wants to leave immediately. At City Hall Cane's upset as he waits with Chloe to get married.

Chloe talks about her horrible, single-parent upbringing which causes them both to agree that the baby should have both parents in its life.

In Mexico, Nikki cries to Nick that Victor is gone. He argues with her about taking her back to Genoa City and vows to bring Victor home.

An official arrives with the news that they have officially declared Victor dead after finding a piece of the charter boat. Victoria calls and asks her mother to come home and help run the company.

As she's about to leave, they receive word that a body has washed ashore. When Michael enters Victor's office, Adam announces that though Victor has not been officially declared dead, he's taken over the company and will be making changes. Michael warns him about acting too quickly but Adam reminds him that he works for him now.

Later, Adam shows Neil the death certificate. As Neil stares in disbelief, Adam fires him. Michael warns Adam that he might challenge the validity of the will Victor signed, giving just about everything to Adam.

Neil complains to Michael and Karen and vows to stop Adam.

When Adam interrupts and threatens to call security, Karen quits. Adam returns with security and orders them to kick Neil out.

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