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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
Weds., July 27

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Cane insists that Chloe not tell anyone about eloping but she later updates Sharon. Noah claims that he had a dream which featured Victor telling him not to worry.

Phyllis urges Sharon to tell her son about the death certificate but Sharon won't give up hope that he'll be found alive like Nick once was.

Phyllis won't let up and thanks to her talking, Noah learns what has happened and starts crying. Sharon lashes out at Phyllis and reminds her that Noah is her son.

In Mexico Nick chats with Michael on the phone about Adam firing Neil and taking control of the company. While the photo the authorities show isn't one of Victor's lifeless body, Nikki realizes it's Walter.

Nick is told to accept that Victor was on the charter boat and that it was lost at sea during the storm. Nick then tells his mother that Victor is "out there" somewhere. On the still-grounded plane, as Nick falls asleep, Nikki leaves a note and exits.

Tyra and Ana arrive at Neil's place for a going away party. Tyra admits that she is moving to New Hampshire so she can be close to Ana in her new school.

Neil urges her to reconsider but Tyra points out that Ana has never been alone. Cane arrives and after Ana thanks him for all his grandmother has done for her, he tells Lily he married Chloe.

She asks him to leave. Later, he finds her again and asks if she'll wait for him. Chloe interrupts before she can answer.

Nick calls Phyllis to admit that he and his mother are coming home. Sharon grabs the phone away and after hearing Nick ask about Noah, she slams the phone down.

Jack hears Phyllis order Sharon to stop obsessing about her husband. Noah's upset when Jack tells Sharon that he badmouthed Nick to the reporter earlier.

Noah is outraged as is Sharon who asks him to stop tearing their family apart. Jack later apologizes to the teen.

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