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The Young and the Restless
August 6, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

As Nick and Phyllis stop by Victoria and J.T.'s place, Nikki informs them all that she won't be attending the funeral and doesn't need to be watched.

Paul advises Michael that a man with the last name of Baldwin is sitting in the Ashland County jail. Kevin urges him to go see the man so he can find out some answers.

Admiring Daniel as he works on the sketch of Sabrina, Jana confirms that she likes it and assures him Victor will too. Karen arrives at Neil's place in time to see Tyra helping Neil get ready for the funeral.

Karen accompanies Neil as they head to the service while Tyra stays behind and make a snide comment to Ana about Karen.

Adam informs Victor about Skye's body being found in the stables and that David killed her. Adam offers to get Victor something to eat but Victor asks him to leave him alone.

Daniel arrives with the sketch and Victor accepts the sealed envelope but then sends Daniel on his way. At the chapel, Kay is upset when Jill asks to talk about Jabot.

Jill's then upset when Brad approaches her about the CEO job. When Adam arrives, he tells Michael about Skye, blaming Nikki for her brutal death.

Nick stands up for his mother pointing out that David's the killer but Adam chastises him and Victoria for not being with their father.

Daniel's approached by a man interested in showing Daniel's work. Victoria pulls Jill aside and advises her that if Nikki isn't welcomed back to work, she'll be leaving too.

When Neil and Karen arrive, she admits she urged Tyra to find a place of her own which angers Neil. The reverend is surprised to find everyone there and reveals that Victor canceled the service because he held one earlier.

Michael invites Kevin to accompany him to the jail.

Back at J.T. and Victoria's, Paul stuns Nikki with the news about Skye. A deliveryman arrives with a box containing David's ashes.

Wearing sunglasses, Victor is seen boarding a bus.

Until tomorrow on The Young and the Restless ...

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