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The Young and the Restless
August 5, 2008
Official Recap

At the Crimson Lights Kevin's confused when Michael asks Jana to be in charge of all the arrangements for Sabrina's funeral.

Chloe wants to talk with Daniel about some ideas she has for the magazine and then catches him off-guard when she talks about morning sickness.

Kevin tells Jana he doubts Chloe is pregnant but thinks Cane is insane for having anything to do with her.

Colleen asks Chloe if "Satan spawned her kid."

Kevin tells Jana and Michael that they're getting married in Malibu a week from Friday. His writing career done, Adrian confides to Amber that he's thinking of moving to Maine.

When Daniel asks Lily about Chloe, she insists that Cane is not the father of the baby she's carrying and warns that Chloe is "crazy."

Lily also offers her sympathy on his breakup with Amber and assures him the pain won't last too long. Later, Lily demands that Chloe take a DNA test to prove who fathered her unborn baby.

Adam's surprised to find Victor has packed up all of Sabrina's things and given them to a charity.

Michael tells Victor that he called Sabrina's mother about the funeral and was surprised that he hadn't called her to tell her about her daughter's death.

Victor explains that Sabrina didn't care for her mother. When Michael asks about the service tomorrow, Victor says nothing.

After Paul gets help from Frank putting Athena the horse into a truck, the two smell something terrible in the stables and open an access panel to find a dead body.

As the police investigate, Paul advises J.T. that the body was chopped to pieces and that the fingers and teeth are missing.

With heather, Adam Ids the ring found with the body as Skye's.

When Devon mentions the news he "dropped" on his father, Tyra urges him to get his degree and then work on his music career.

After Devon grows tired of hearing Neil and Tyra lecture him about dropping out of school, Neil thanks Tyra for being here to help him with his son but she announces that she and Ana are moving.

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