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PART ONE: Victor Jr. and Victor watch on as Hope fights for every breath. Victor tries to get Victor Jr. to open up to him. Later, Victor Jr. admits he can cope with losing her as long as Victor is around. Gloria does her best to cover, although it's clear to Jack and Sharon that their new living arrangements are getting to her.

PART TWO: As Noah arrives home, he is ecstatic to see Fisher. Gloria leads Fisher outside in the hopes he will run off. Later, Gloria watches Noah look for Fisher. Kevin arrives to see if Gloria (Judith Chapman) has been taking the poison as scheduled. Gloria plans a party to make sure there are plenty of witnesses.

PART THREE: Jack, Sharon and Noah find Fisher, and realize Gloria lured him out of the house. Jack confronts Gloria and reminds her that her actions violated the court order. Cane and Lily wake up in “Paris.” Lily wonders if anything has changed between them, but Cane (Daniel Goddard) assures her he has never felt closer to her.

PART FOUR: Cane confronts Neil about allowing Lily to grow up. Neil asks if Cane loves Lily and he confesses that he thinks so. Meanwhile, Lily meets with Colleen to divulge to her about the night and admits that she, too, is falling in love. Devon and Colleen watch with concern as Lily and Cane fawn over one another.

EPILOGUE: Pat teaches Karen (Nia Peeples) a little trick to help her get over her stage fright and she manages to sing to Neil, beautifully. Karen notices something is bothering Neil ... his encounter with Lily and Cane.

The Young and the Restless
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