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PART ONE: Gloria suggests to Kevin that she have a dinner party at the Abbott mansion on the night she takes the larger dose of poison. Jeffrey interrupts and questions Kevin about all the time he spends with his mother. He asks if they are planning his death. After they leave, Jeffrey pulls out the tiny camera he's hidden at the mansion and watches the recording he made of Kevin talking with Gloria about their plans.

PART TWO: Jeffrey then searches Gloria's purse and finds the poison. Gloria invites Kevin and Jana to get married at the mansion if she's still living there. Kevin suggests they marry on Halloween. When Gloria returns for her purse, Jeffrey gives her a hard time. Refusing any drugs that may ease her pain, Hope asks Vic and Victor if they are going to agree to her request that they get to know each other.

PART THREE: She again admits that she asked Victor to stay out of their son's life and points out he could've legally taken him from her. Away from Hope, Victor tries to comfort Vic but he wants nothing to do with him. Victor warns that if he doesn't do what Hope has asked, it will bother him the rest of his life. Later, after telling Victor and Vic that they are the two greatest joys of her life, Hope dies.

PART FOUR: During yet another magazine meeting with Jack, Sharon and Phyllis, Nick announces that he has found and bought a building for their offices and will rent out the place to the company. Jack suggests they find space there for the Abbott Foundation. Amber asks Phyllis and Nick about a job but they tell her there are no openings. At the mansion with Jack and Sharon, Gloria pretends to be in pain.

The Young and the Restless
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