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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide / 2.28.2008

Part One
Sharon finally tells Jack that she wants to work with him at the magazine. He's fine with her decision and explains that Ben can run the foundation. Eric advises Jack that Forrester cannot advertise with the magazine at this time. Jack tells Sharon that he thinks Victor is behind it. Adam announces to Victor that he wants to focus on the Beauty of Nature project and hire a celebrity spokesperson for it.

Part Two
Victor reminds him that all decisions must be approved by Victoria. Adam sets up a meeting with the ad agency reps but Victoria cancels to attend to a sick Reed at home with J.T. At the meeting Adam presses the ad reps to do what he asks without approval from Victoria because he's heading the project. The doctor decides to take Reed to the hospital to treat his infection.

Part 3
As Gloria walks down the stairs, the bannister falls off and she accuses Jeffrey of trying to kill her. He denies it and when they argue about who might have loosened the railing, Jeffrey claims this proves they should move out. She refuses and challenges him to call the police. He demands sex from her but she claims jail would be better. Jeffrey makes a call and learns that if Gloria dies, he would get the house "tax free."

Part 4
Gloria complains to Kevin about her husband but Kevin leaks that Jeffrey's mistress is on her way here from Korea, thanks to a lie from the P.I., about Jeffrey wanting to marry her. Jeffrey interrupts and demands that Gloria return home. There, he offers her caviar and champagne and tries to take her upstairs. Gloria decides to play along until Kevin interrupts and takes her with him.

Part V
After Nick assures a worried Phyllis that she can spend what she wants on the new office, she admits she met Adam and guesses that he's in over his head and won't survive at Newman. Nick stews when he gets news from the electrician about having to replace all the wiring in the office. He vows to make the former owners pay the bill. Victor stops by to see Reed but meets Victoria's friend Sabrina instead.

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The Young and the Restless
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