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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 2.27.2008

PART ONE: In L.A., Jack pitches the magazine to Eric and boasts that he's partnered with Nick. Eric reminds him that he's friends with Victor. Eric calls Victor who admits he thinks they won't get the first issue out. Chloe advises Jill, Nikki, Cane and Lily that Lily's career is not faltering. Jill agrees the new Faces of Jabot campaign is floundering but when Chloe again badmouths Lily, Cane asks her to back off. Lily assures Cane that she can handle Chloe. Later, finding an unhappy Lily looking in a mirror, Chloe claims she's not bringing any attitude to the dress. Finding Adam working late again, Neil urges him to take some time for himself.

PART TWO: Victoria joins in and as they talk about Beauty of Nature, Victor secretly listens to them chat. In front of Adam, J.T. and Victoria decide to go to Indigo tonight. Adam tries to talk with Victor about Beauty of Nature but Victor reminds him it's Victoria's project. Neil calls Lily to invite her to come hear Karen sing tonight. But when she arrives, she's not pleased to see Chloe there. Chloe asks Cane if he thinks it's appropriate that he date Lily. Nick calls his man at the bank to arrange another loan from his trust fund but insists that they stop the leak there that allowed his father to find out where he's getting his funding for his new project.

PART THREE: Nick reports to Phyllis that he can't get all of his money until he turns 40. Daniel compliments Nick and Phyllis on how the construction of the new offices is going. He's surprised when Amber stops by with another request for a job. Phyllis reports there is only the receptionist's position and agrees to ask Nick about it. After Amber confides to Daniel she won't mind working with him, the two agree to be friends. J.T. calls Nick about Indigo but Phyllis decides to go by herself. Daniel admits he's meeting Heather at Indigo but Heather cancels. Running into Adam at Indigo, Phyllis is shocked when Victoria reveals who he is.

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The Young and the Restless
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