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Part One
Lily realizes that Karen spent the night with Neil when she comes to Lily’s aid in the kitchen wearing only a bathrobe. After Karen leaves, Lily calls Cane to meet her at Neil’s. As they are kissing, Karen returns to catch them. Karen apologizes quickly, and promises Lily not to say anything to Neil (Kristoff St. John).

Part Two

Kevin and Gloria discuss Jeffrey, and wonder what business he is in. Gloria asks about plans to set Jeffrey up for her attempted murder, and Kevin explains to her about his idea of using poison. Kevin sets the stage for the murder at the Abbott mansion, informing her that Gloria needs that house for this plan to succeed.

Part Three
Victor demands Neil find him a new defense attorney. Neil says he is hasty in firing Michael but Victor doesn’t want to be second-guessed. Neil promises to get him a dream team and lets him know the verdict on Nikki’s lawsuit is being issued tomorrow. Maggie explains to Paul that Heather is having nightmares.

Part Four
Maggie encourages Paul to reach out to her but he doesn’t want to make her stress worse. Heather approaches Maggie about evidence and accepts an invitation to breakfast from Paul. However, when Paul suggests that she give the Victor Newman case to the D.A., Heather feels undermined.

Part Five
Heather (Vail Bloom) leaves Paul and Maggie then meets a witness about Victor’s case. When Heather meets with him, he gives Victor an alibi for the time of Ji Min’s murder. As Heather leaves, Kevin explains to Michael that Heather was meeting with someone about the case.

The Young and the Restless
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