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Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) are still reeling from the news they just learned - that Jeffrey Bardwell is blackmailing Gloria and will likely bilk her until every last cent is dry.

At the club, Jeffrey (Ted Shackelford) happens upon Jill (Jess Walton) who is waiting to meet her mother. Jeffrey orders a bottle of champagne and invites himself to sit down. He announces that he is engaged.

Gloria (Judith Chapman) finds Kevin (Greg Rikaart) at the coffeehouse to ask him for help. She figured out what she's going to do: she's going to flee the country. But Kevin wants her to beat this guy at his own game.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) finds out that his new singer at Indigo has come down with the flu and cannot make her debut performance tonight.  He is in a bind, so he asks Karen (Nia Peeples) to fill in.

Karen is reluctant, but Neil begs and begs.

Lauren wants Michael not to get involved with Gloria's problems. She wants him to say enough is enough.

Kevin and Gloria continue to brainstorm a plan. Kevin wants to turn the tables on Jeffrey and make up scandalous stories about him.

Jill tells Jeffrey that she is stunned to hear his news.  Finally, after a lot of hemming and hawing, Jill offers her congratulations.

Lily (Chistel Khalil) encourages Karen to sing tonight, but Karen freaks out nervously. Finally, Karen comes around and agrees to sing, but she's only got 45 minutes to prepare before she goes on.

At the coffeehouse, Devon (Bryton McClure) and Roxanne (Tatyana Ali) are still devising a scheme to set Lily up with Roxanne's friend Alan.

Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) arrives at the club and is also incredulous to hear of Jeffrey's nuptial news. As soon as he leaves, Katherine and Jill gossip that there is definitely more than love involved.

Cane (Daniel Goddard) joins them, and as soon as he sits down, Katherine and Jill offer him a promotion. He doesn't think he deserves one, but nevertheless, he is the new director of acquisitions.

Neil calls up Lauren to ask if she can help come up with a fabulous dress for Karen to wear. Lauren agrees to help, and uses the opportunity to take Michael out for a night of fun to take their mind off Gloria.

Cane decides to take his mother and grandmother out to celebrate after dessert and suggests going to Indigo. Jill and Katherine suggest that he invite Heather as well, but Cane tells them he's no longer seeing her.

Kevin advises Gloria to make amends with Jeffrey tonight and get him talking, in order to get something incriminating out of him.

Everyone converges at Indigo, as Karen gets more and more nervous. Lily meets Devon, Roxanne and Alan, but she knows the whole thing is a set-up.

Gloria goes up to the bar and orders two mojitos. She wants hers to be very, very weak and Jeffrey's to have three shots of run.

Finally, Neil goes up on stage. Just before he introduces Karen, she runs out of there, making him introduce the piano player instead.

Gloria flirts with Jeffrey and it appears to be working.

Outside the club, Lily tries calling Colleen, but gets voicemail.

The Young and the Restless
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