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The Young and the Restless
Recap: July 10, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Daniel denies to Amber that he betrayed her. When Amber wonders if Phyllis altered the photo, Daniel confronts Phyllis and accuses her of scheming to ruin his relationship with Amber.

She states that Amber is no good for him but he orders her to stay out of it. Jack chats with Philippe who claims that while Sabrina never cared for his artwork, she did like him and even created a one-night show for him in spite of the fact that he already had a girlfriend.

Victoria and Sabrina end up talking about Philippe being in Chicago. Sabrina denies having any interest in him since she met Victor.

When Victoria runs into the French man at the Athletic Club, she guesses he's in town because of Sabrina but he denies it.

She later tells her father who she saw and worries him as she explains that Sabrina never got rid of her feelings for the guy.

Philippe confronts Sabrina at the gallery where she denies having any interest in him. Later, Victor tells Sabrina what Victoria told him and, when she insists she's "over" Philippe, Victor claims he believes and trusts her.

Adrian hands his article to Jack and thanks him for the opportunity. Phyllis reports to Nick that the model Jack picked was arrested last night for stealing.

Realizing they can't use her, Nick discovers their backup model is a no-go too. He wonders about using Sharon and then Lily for the cover.

Jack arrives and refuses to put Lily on the cover but suggests Victoria instead. In spite of their sex last night, David tells Nikki that they can't be together until he proves some things to himself.

Brad invites him to a high stakes poker game but David claims he's not interested. He asks Walter for half of his money up-front for doing a job for him.

He then calls Brad to play poker tonight. Asked about the ring she's wearing around her neck, Skye tells Brad it's David's.

Victor and Sabrina both tell Adrian they liked the advance copy of his article. Nikki pushes Victoria to change her mind and be on the cover to help Nick.

Until next time on The Young and the Restless!

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