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The Young and the Restless
Mon., July 14, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Gloria convinces Jack to let her use the dining room for a welcome home party for Kevin. When Michael and Kevin arrive with Jana, Gloria shows off her wedding ring which sickens her sons.

Boasting they have a plan, Jeffrey tells Michael they need his help to start secretly buying up Jabot stock. Michael agrees to help but wants the tainted cream first.

Jeffrey agrees but returns later and claims the cream is gone from the Athletic Club safe. Jill's upset when Kay hires someone to head up their "organic" operations but Kay claims that Jill has been too busy obsessing over Jeffrey to do her job.

Jill approaches Brad about replacing Kay. At the gallery, Sabrina thanks Adrian for the great article he wrote about her. Daniel angrily demands to know from Amber who she slept with and she admits it was Adrian.

He laughs at the idea and then claims he emailed her everyday. Amber insists she didn't get any emails and thought he was cheating on her. Walking out, Daniel states that he can never forgive her.

Brad calls Skye and hints that he may have a job opening for her at Jabot and adds that he'll soon be the boss there. Jack offers Adrian another writing job about aboriginal art this time, and offers to send him to Australia to conduct some interviews.

He asks for time to consider the offer. Daniel sits at Amber's desk and, when Nick and Phyllis arrive, he claims she blocked his emails to Amber. Phyllis defends what she did but he orders her to stay out of his life. Amber cries to Kay about Daniel but when she blames Phyllis, Kay insists it is Amber's fault.

During a charity ball meeting, Kay tries to get Victoria and Sabrina to stop arguing but walks out when they won't. With sales down, Jack confirms to Nick that they are spending more money then they are taking in which means they must take "drastic measures."

Nick agrees as long as its legal.

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