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The Young and the Restless
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July 15, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Jack surprises Nick by revealing he's offered Adrian a trip to Australia for his next piece.

Told the tainted cream is gone, Michael advises Jeffrey that there is no deal without the cream. While Gloria is suspicious, Jeffrey insists he doesn't know where it is.

He wonders if his friend from Korea might have taken it and offers to go to Korea. Gloria insists on going herself but then agrees to let him go alone. Jeffrey confides to Michael that he hid Gloria's passport.

Sabrina tells Victoria that she did the Colonnade Room walk through for the charity ball without her. They argue about this but eventually agree to put their differences aside for the sake of the charity fundraiser.

Nikki suggests to David that Jabot co- sponsor the gala and that he be placed in charge. Thinking she's crazy, David agrees to meet with Nick but when Nick hears about her decision, he won't allow David to run things.

David warns Walter that he's going to have to put the "job" on hold for awhile. David then attempts to convince Jack that he can do a good job for the gala.

Nick and the others eventually okay the project as long as David can't get his hands on the money. Daniel confronts Adrian about sleeping with his girlfriend.

The professor responds that they were both drunk and urges him to realize that Amber loves him. Once Adrian leaves, Daniel tells Amber that he could have cheated on her but didn't.

He later opens up to Kevin who is shocked by what Amber did. He insists she loves him and nervously claims that he would give Jana another chance if she slept with another guy.

Though Adrian has decided not to go to Australia, Amber urges him to go for her sake. She gets him to change his mind and as she hugs him, Daniel spots them together. After Adrian leaves, he hands his key to Amber and blasts her for being with Adrian again.

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