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The Young and the Restless
June 23, 2008
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Today on The Young and the Restless, the ceremony gets underway. Victoria spots Sabrina's mother Zara quickly snapping photos.

After the happy couple is married, Victoria chastises Zara for taking pictures.

Zara calls a friend and offers to sell the photos that she has taken. As Sabrina chats with Kay about Victor, Kay guesses that she might be pregnant.

She points this out to an amused Victor who explains why they haven't told anyone yet. Victor's not happy to see Adam invited Heather as his date and explains that he'll talk about this later.

Victor asks Neil to keep an eye on those two and then tells Michael he has some changes to make in his will. Victoria seeks Nick and Phyllis to help get the memory card from Zara's camera.

After the first dance, Adam makes a toast but then insists Nick do so as well. Caught off-guard, Nick wishes them both well.

A scheming Phyllis then grabs Zara's camera to take her picture. Ashley warns Sabrina that Victor is a very complicated man.

Jill questions Heather about Adam. Before leaving, Sabrina tosses her bouquet and Zara catches it.

Nikki leaves the hotel suite and just misses David who has arrived to pack his bag. Nikki returns to catch David and insists that he is not going to leave her.

Instead, David claims she won't want him because he's been betting again. He admits he pawned the watch she gave him but when he leaks that he actually won $200,000 and paid off all his debts, she accuses him of wanting to dump her because he doesn't need her money anymore.

She insists that he can stop gambling but David admits he doesn't want to stop. After he leaves her crying, Paul arrives and tells her David's booked a flight to Las Vegas. She yells at Paul to get out.

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