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The Young and the Restless
June 25, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, talking to Nikki, David claims that the good part of him convinced himself that he can't leave her.

He explains he stayed in a motel near the airport and gives her the number of his sponsor who she calls to confirm his story.

David admits he can't promise he won't gamble but he will try to control his addiction. She agrees that they need some time apart.

Later, Nikki is tempted to drink but tosses the mini fridge bottle against the wall. Victor and Sabrina celebrate their honeymoon in Paris.

He surprises her with a key to the chateau he bought for them. Jeffrey offers to help Gloria when Jill sends her to fetch a huge coffee order at the Crimson Lights but she turns down his offer.

When she gets the order wrong, Jill blasts her for her failure and orders her to go back to the coffeehouse until she gets it right.

Instead, Gloria lays into Jill for the way she's treating her. Kay watches as she storms out and complains to Jill while Jeffrey tries to calm Gloria.

Over drinks, he invites her to start their relationship over again and confesses that he loves her. As he kisses her, Jill sees them.

At the surprise party for Lily, Devon is thrilled when Aunt Tyra and cousin Ana show. Tyra leaks that his mother Yolanda has moved to L.A. where she is back using drugs.

Devon invites the two to stay in town but Tyra hints that she can't afford it. Cane's birthday gift for Lily is tickets for them to Mexico.

Later, after he overhears Tyra and Ana worrying about where they'll stay tonight, Cane tells Tyra that he paid her hotel bill but asks her not to tell Devon.

Neil takes Karen back to his place where a game of chess leads to kissing on the couch. Devon calls for them to come over.

There, Neil is stunned when Devon introduces him and Karen to his aunt and cousin. Hearing her complain about not being able to reach Daniel while he's on the road with Danny, Kay offers to fly Amber to Europe.

Until next time on The Young and the Restless!

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