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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 3/3/2008

Walter orders David to have the money he owes in 24 hours or he'll get more than a black eye. David asks Nikki if she can forgive him for keeping his gambling problem and losses from her. She admits that she's not sure if she can. Later, Nikki confides in Victoria that David has been lying to her. Lily's nervous when Chloe presses her for results at the next photo shoot. Brad is impressed with how Chloe is running the session.

Cane leaks that Nikki has chosen Lily to attend the photo ops session for the launch of the new magazine. Chloe warns Lily that she can't make any mistakes there but later congratulates her on how today's session went. At lunch with Colleen and Chloe talk about their experiences in New York while Lily goes on and on about Paris with Dru. Chloe hints that weight can be a problem for a model but Lily is unconcerned.

After lunch, Chloe gives Lily a hard time as the session resumes. When Brad goes over his head to Nikki about some development costs that David was still on the fence about, David reminds Brad that he is his boss. Brad points out that he's known Nikki for a long time but adds that he doesn't have a problem with David being his boss. Adam confronts Victor about his decision not to advertise in Jack and Nick's new magazine.

Frustrated that he won't change his mind, Adam asks if his reasons are personal. Victoria joins in with Adam in supporting the idea so Victor backs off and agrees to spend the money. Victor later warns his daughter that he still doesn't like the idea but will wait for her to see for herself that this is a bad decision. Victoria introduces Sabrina to Adam and he ruins the moment when he makes a comment about spoiled rich girls.

Sabrina claims she's anything but rich and blasts him for assuming the worst about her. Victor thrills her when he invites Sabrina to take a look at his personal art collection. Nikki decides that she will stand by David.

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The Young and the Restless
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