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The Young and the Restless
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March 31, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Michael demands to know who the John double is. Jack comes clean with Michael before they nearly come to blows. Kevin and Gloria try to find Alistair before Jack and Sharon do.

Lauren becomes nervous that Michael’s anger towards Jack will push him over the edge. Sharon calls Lauren to apologize and asks to see her tomorrow. Alistair enters the coffeehouse as Kay and Jill are discussing Nikki, Jabot and what it is Kay truly wants.

Kay does a double take when she passes Alistair, who takes notice of their jewelry. Later, Alistair follows Kay and Jill home. The two women share a close moment. Kay starts working on her memoirs again as she looks out the window to see Alistair staring at her.

Shocked, Kay stops Alistair and brings him into the house and asks why he is here.

Alistair asks Jill and Kay about Gloria and they burst into laughter when he says she is exquisite. Brad sucks David into a game of poker with some friends, including Cane and Adrian. Later, David is on a hot streak. The poker game ends and David has won everyone’s money.

Brad is pleased that he has David hooked on gambling again but covers well. David manages to battle his addiction for at least one night. While Nikki and Victoria are having dinner, Victoria receives a call from Sabrina asking her to come to Los Angeles to visit.

Victoria turns her down. Nikki becomes jealous when Victoria mentions Sabrina was the reason Victor went to the Restless Style party. After speaking to Victoria, Sabrina calls Victor to try to tempt him to come out to L.A. At the G.C.A.C., David and Nikki are flirting when Victor walks in with Adam.

Victor confides in Adam that he is planning to go to Los Angeles.

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