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The Young and the Restless
March 28, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on The Young and the Restless, Neil assures Adam that neither he nor Victor think he hacked into the Newman computer system. J.T. advises Victoria that Adam doesn't have very high clearance so realizing that information about Beauty of Nature was stolen, Victoria fears that Brad is the culprit.

Meanwhile, Brad tells Nikki what he's learned, showing her and then David plans to improve profits. Upset, David insists that he destroy the documents. After Brad leaves, Nikki downplays David's concern that someone may go to jail. Victoria accuses Brad of breaking into the computer system but he denies it and suggests she check on Kevin. She counters she'll have him arrested if it happens again.

Victoria apologizes to Adam for thinking he could have been the computer hacker but he's unimpressed and later upsets her again when he talks to Neil about an acquisition without talking to her first. Jeffrey finds Lauren at the bottom of the stairs. She reports that she's okay except for a bump on her head but adds that she saw John. She then calls Michael and he takes her to the hospital.

Jack and Sharon panic to hear what happened to Lauren. Michael accuses Jack of hiring an actor to play John's ghost. Jack denies it but just then, Michael spots Alistair. Gloria tells Jana that she's decided to go along and pretend to be frightened to fool Jack. When Lily has trouble lifting a box as she moves, Devon is concerned but she assures him she is fine and asks him not to tell anyone what he saw.

Colleen stops by, checks on her latest grade and learns that Lily failed the same test. Chloe calls to invite Lily to another Jabot photo shoot tonight. Devon gets Cane to admit he's noticed how tired Lily is. Devon urges him to ask Lily himself. Cane finds Chloe ordering Lily to the photo shoot and overrules her only to be overruled by Lily. Brad invites David and Adam to his place for some beer and poker.

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