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Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Calling her a great mother, J.T. confides to Victoria that he thinks she's changed since the wedding. Finding the bag full of cash, Daniel guesses Amber's lying when she claims her CD sales have really taken off. He threatens to walk out and never come back so she reveals that it's Plum's money.

Amber explains that all the cash didn't burn at the hotel room as she claimed and when he worries about the Feds finding out, she reminds him the case is closed. Amber claims she loves him and didn't tell him or Kevin because she wanted to protect them. He wants to turn the money in but Amber wonders what he would do with the cash.

Amber kisses him and the two have sex. Afterwards, Daniel claims they need to figure out what to do with the cash and what to do with their relationship. At Indigo, Karen thanks Neil for letting her sing for him and he confesses he loves her. He then asks her to move in with him and looks forward to waking up with her in his bed. She claims she's not ready for marriage but he insists they have a future together.

Working at home, Adam can't stop thinking about Phyllis. He ends up calling someone in New York and leaves a message that he misses being there. Afterwards, he imagines Phyllis leaning over for a kiss. Frustrated by how much the new business is costing him, Nick playfully suggests to Phyllis that they quit the business and just be together. She urges him to lighten up on Adam.

Adam visits with Victor at the ranch and reveals that he wants to change the name of the Beauty of Nature project. Victor admits he wanted him to fail but Adam responds that he knew it and wasn't upset. Victor warns him about a future alone if he doesn't accept the Newman name.

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