Lenny in All His Glory - The Young Pope Season 1 Episode 5
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Lenny is outside. He sees his parents leave on a boat. It's another dream. He's very sad. Instead of the All Along the Watchtower them it's Lenny walking past the paintings to a much somber classical tune. He still winks, but it it doesn't fit the music.

Lenny is on the roof with Fr. Tomasso hearing confessions again. There is gossip about Lenny and Ester.

Lenny and Gutierrez are admiring some paintings.

Ester visits the pope in the Vatican gardens. She sits near him in the grotto. She wants him to touch her stomach to perform a miracle for him to help her get pregnant. She puts his bad on her stomach as she recites the Hail Mary. She unbuttons the rest of her blouse and moves his hand to her breast.

Voiello and his men are taking pictures of the event. Lenny says he's too afraid to jump into bed with Ester.

Flashback: Lenny and Andres escape the convent for a day of adventure. Sister Mary runs after them. Lenny dropped part of his father's pipe. They stop and peer into the custodian's house where a young boy is tending to his sick mother.

They keep walking, have to pick a road to travel down and they do. Andrew tells Lenny he's going back and they walk their separate ways. 

Sister Mary looks at the pipe she has.

Lenny visits Andrew at his apartment. Andrew wants to know when he's going to make the speech to the Cardinals.

The Doman comes to tell Sister Mary that Lenny left the Vatican. She visits Voiello to tell him. She's worried, but Voiello says this isn't the first time a Pope has left the Vatican premises. Voiello flirts with Sister Mary.

Lenny and Andrew are walking through St. Peter's Square.

Voiello repeats all the words that Lenny spoke to Ester as he tells her about about his plans to destroy the Pope. He changed his mind. The Pope is a saint.

Andrew and Lenny go into a hotel to buy some cigarettes. They see a woman walking. They follow her into the bar. Lenny tries to flirt, but fails. She is a hooker. She takes a picture of him to show she has proof of the existence of God. She says it's the eyes. Andrew is very interested in the girl. They leave.

Flashback. The young boy is going back to tend to his mother. 

Andrew and Lenny revisit that incident, but Lenny doesn't want to talk about it. Lenny asks Andrew to become Prefect of the Congregation of the Clergy.  Andrew tells Lenny he remembers what his mother looked like when he came to the convent, because he was watching. They talk about it and return to the Vatican.

Flashback to Lenny returning to the convent.

Like the flashback, Sister Mary is waiting for Lenny and Andrew to return and welcomes them both when they do. She lies to them about not saying anything to Voiello.

In a workspace, a chair is being built. Nuns are outside playing volleyball. Lenny tells Gutierrez he knows everything, but Gutierrez wants to know what else he knows and completely freaks out.

Lenny and Sister Mary talk. He wants to know why he can't find his parents.

Voiello begs Lenny to reconsider sending Gutierrez to the U.S. to consider the abuse case as the tiara arrives and he greets it. Voiello tries to tell Lenny secrets about Gutierrez and Lenny already knows and freaks Voiello out, including what he planned to do with Ester. Voiello freaks out.

Lenny reams Voiello. Voiello is embarrassed. He kisses Lenny's feet. He tells him he knows what he said to Ester. Lenny announces that he's going to address the Cardinals in the Sistene Chapel.

Lenny is on the roof with Fr. Tomasso.

The Cardinals start heading to the chapel as Lenny starts getting ready trying to decide which shoes to wear. It's all being done to the song, ""I'm sexy and I know it".

He decides to wear the tiara from the U.S. The Cardinals are waiting for him and Lenny comes in on a a chariot held by men.

He remembers when his parents dropped him off. He remembers everything about them. He thinks they are going to be there when he turns around, but they're not. They're gone.

Lenny opens his eyes and faces the Cardinals. He begins his speech that is as brutal as his speech to the people. He preaches obedience to him.

At the end of his speech, he puts out his foot and expects everyone to kiss it. The first one to kiss is feet is Spencer, followed by Andrew, then Voiello.

Lenny is in the gardens. Ester is sitting behind him. He sees the kangaroo again. Orders it to jump and it does. Ester interrupts his quiet. He tells her to confess his secrets to God.

She sees a daffodil bloom and "feels" something. The indication is she's pregnant.

The Pope and a few cardinals including Voiello, the Elder, and Andrew visit Torino Pettola who was the guy claiming to be Jesus and the sheep, Mary and claims he can heal. They are waiting in his home when he comes home.








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People say you're a saint who performs miracles.


I intend to start a revolution.